This fake love is Legendary

Mon, 16 Nov 2020 Source: Afua Adoboe

They questioned your nationality in the court.

They called you names and demeaned you with false headlines in their Newspapers (The Stateman, Daily Guide etc).

They demonized you to the extent they said, your children were not your biological ones.

They cancelled the public celebrations of June 4th and 31st December Revolutions, because to them, those events were unconstitutional.

They hated the NDC with passion because you were the foundation and the founder.

They shouted and screamed at the rooftop, 'if you refuse to appear before the National Reconciliation Commission, they'll subpoena you to appear'.

They called you a murderer and corrupt, your wife, Nana Konadu, was taken to court because of Nsawam Cannery.

They said, you stole monies and staked them in Swiss Banks,Kweku Baako and Co, were paid to investigate this and we're yet to get that report.

They removed your protocol immunities because of your criticism of the Kufuor government.

They did countless things against you and your family, so what has changed?

Today, in less than 6hrs of your passing, your immediate family hurriedly rushed to the seat of government, to announce your death to the man who is believed to be the mastermind in all your trials and tribulations?

They hurriedly announced your demise without, involving your party leadership and this is ok?

Today, they're the first to write your tribute and eulogize you?

Today, even the Book of Condolence opened to pay our last respect to you, has been taken hostage by your perceived enemies?

Today, they're mourning than the bereaved?

Today, they're the ones in charge of your coffin and funeral?

Today, they're announcing a state funeral for you as if they're doing you a favour?

Something you rightly deserve?

Even in your death, they're humiliating you in disguise because they think they can capitalize on your demise for political power.

To them, it is about power and nothing else.

No morals, no ethics and no values.

I am grateful you knew them so well that, you admonished us not to mimic them.

What a paradox of life?

Rest well Papa!!!

Columnist: Afua Adoboe