The 7 key pointers of Hearts of Oak's managerial bankruptcy

Sun, 5 Nov 2017 Source: Sheikh Tophic Sienu

Hearts of Oak is the oldest club in this country with the poorest, weakest and archaic style of management. Poor leadership for the past 8 years has thronged the club into her current state of a headless entity.

If you really want to ascertain that the club lacks direction and is only surrounded by myopic-minded leaders who only think about 3 points and nothing else, look at the Pobiman Project - Point No.1

On November 11, 2016, then MD of the club, now Hon. Odotei Sowah, told the media at the club's birthday that the Pobiman Project will be complete by May. We are in November again and the place is only fit to feed grazing animals and for nurturing snakes and scorpions. This is just one reasons why we can describe the leadership of the club as amateurish and vision-less.

Point 2: Are you aware that Mahatma Otoo' contract run out completely while the player was playing for Hearts? He only renewed for another year because he loved Hearts and wanted the club to benefit from his transfer to Songdal. He could have gone as a free agent. Must a serious management wait for this to happen?

Point 3: Do you also know Robin Gnagne' contract run out completely before the player, out of love for the fans, decided to renew it for another year? He renewed his contract on 4th November, 2016. Tell me which serious management will do this.

Point 4: Are you aware that the contracts of the following players have run out completely and they can all go as free agents? The players are Thomas Abbey, Kwame Kizito, Fatawu Mohammed, Vincent Atinga, Leonard Tawiah, Paul Acquah, Robin Gnagne and some few others I will confirm later. Why must any serious entity wait for the contract of its players to run out completely when we know very well that the player can start negotiations with a different club with 6 months on his contract? What's happening?

Point 5: Are you also aware that despite the season drawing to a close, players are owed two months salaries and some bonuses?

Point 6: Must I tell you that coach Frank Nuttal left Ghana disgusted over salary arrears? The club owes the man and even before the FA Cup final, both technical team, management and players were unpaid for months. Can it be a reason why we were walloped?

Point 7: Need I also tell you that Patrick Razak and Winful Cobbinah have just a season left on their contracts and can start negotiating with other clubs in May 2018? (This is however subject to their stay at the club by next season if they aren't transferred)

The managerial bankruptcy of Accra Hearts of Oak is jaw dropping and mind boggling.

Phooooooooobia - our motto was never say die but I think we are now saying die!

By: Sheikh Tophic Sienu @desheikh1 on twitter

Columnist: Sheikh Tophic Sienu