Those Conspiring To Hijack It: Hands Off Plot B90 La bone!

Thu, 8 Nov 2012 Source: Thompson, Kofi

By Kofi Thompson

Since my conscience will not allow me to remain silent, in the face of a blatant attempt to deprive an old widow of 86, of her property (plot No. B90, Labone), I am firing off this if-the-cap-fits-wear-it-piece to warn those attempting this outrage.

I am doing so, because the recounting of her plight by an elderly pensioner (aged 86) - who seventeen years or so ago was made to sign a document that effectively deprived her of her own house at Labone for over a decade and a half, because of her kind-heartedness - moved me to tears.

That shabby story, illustrates perfectly how so many Ghanaian professionals aren't guided by the ethics of their profession in their everyday dealings with ordinary people.

How would one describe individuals who choose to repay an honest woman who gave out her own house to save their business - without a pesewa being paid her in compensation for her extraordinary act of kindness - by yet again asking her to sign away the remainder of the government-granted 99-year lease for no compensation, when the property leased by her to save their business, ought to have reverted to her two years ago: the lease having expired for that length of time?

That 86 year old pensioner, is now in an agitated state and highly stressed - because she has been handed the most outrageous legal document covering the purchase of a leasehold, that I have ever come across, to sign.

It appears that the period for the leasing of her Labone property - which she was made to sign years ago without her being told the full implication of what she was doing - has now lapsed.

Yet, she is being asked to sign away the rest of the remainder of the 99 year lease - again without any financial compensation whatsoever.

Naturally, the brave old lady refuses to sign away her property yet again, at what is the evening of her life. She is adamant that her signature will never be appended to that monstrous document.

So, for now, dear reader, I am asking the people involved in this shabby story of unfathomable greed and unparalleled ruthlessness, to immediately cease what amounts to the mental torture of a helpless old lady of 86, and ensure that the noble lady gets her property at plot B90 Labone back immediately.

Though I am loathe to do so, they must know that if need be, I will not hesitate to ensure that the whole world gets to know the identities of people who should be protecting of widows and orphans - but as we speak are rather attempting what effectively amounts to the defrauding of an old widow: in a conspiracy to deprive her of her property situated at plot B90, Labone.

To each one of them, I simply say: Hands off plot B90, Labone! A word to the wise...

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Columnist: Thompson, Kofi