Those Seeking To Lead Ghana Must

Sun, 4 Nov 2012 Source: Thompson, Kofi

Talk Up Our Nation - Not Constantly Run It Down

By Kofi Thompson

The part of McCarthy Hill where I live enables me to regularly observe the hundreds of trips made by tipper trucks carrying sand to building projects around Accra, Ghana's bustling capital city.

Those tipper trucks that daily ply our section of the Mallam-Kasoa highway, taking sand to the many building projects going on in Accra, highlight the frantic pace at which new buildings are springing up in many parts of urban Ghana.

There is something very positive and exciting about Ghana's rapid growth. That great economic intangible, confidence, is palpable in today's Ghana.

Our nation is full of dynamic go-getters. Ranging from street-hawkers earning their living selling to the occupants of vehicles at places like the toll-point on the Kasoa-Mallam road, to the busy and well-educated employees who work in the many modern office buildings housing varied businesses owned by enterprising middle-class Ghanaians, they are evidence of the considerable wealth that Ghana's private sector is generating.

Yet, far too many of our politicians have caught that dreadful unjustifiable-negativity-bug: always running down our lucky nation for purely selfish reasons - as they seek to bring about regime-change in the December 2012 polls.

Those negative politicians need reminding that despite its many challenges, prosperity is spreading in Ghana - and many Ghanaians are actually benefiting from the booming sectors of the national economy.

Despite the perfidy of the doom-mongers, for the many profiting from the booming sectors of the national economy, Ghana is definitely a much better place today than it was four years ago.

To engender confidence, those who seek to lead Ghana, must talk up our nation - not run it down all the time. A word to the wise...

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Columnist: Thompson, Kofi