Thou Shall not Steal

Mon, 25 Feb 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

...but the Electoral Commissioner Stole Election 2012 for…

"If you cannot do the time, don't commit the crime" Simply put, if you are scared to go to jail, don’t commit the crime in the first place. Dr. Afari-Gyan, the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, though fearing to go to jail at his current old age, has committed, and is still committing, disgusting crimes. He has connived with some NDC people to rig election 2012 in favour of then presidential candidate John Dramani Mahama.

He thought he could bulldoze his way through, as and when he wanted. Little did he know that there is a limit to whatever one can do even if all the powers in the world are bestowed on him or her? Not long ago, he was chiding the NPP for raising objections to certain of his undertakings towards Election 2012. He told them to go to hell if they would, or, they had better go to court if they chose.

Now that the leadership of the NPP has chosen to go to court, his until now unmeasured audacious pomposity has fled him, leaving him a wretched soul to wallow in utter ignorance and shame as does a pig in its own shit in a pigsty.

To make matters worse for him, some faceless persons in attempts to cover up for his misdeeds have gone on rampage raiding some offices in attempts to remove traces of incriminating evidences. The criminal perpetrators are absconding with evidences Nana Akuffo-Addo & Co hold against President Mahama and Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan for proving the election was fraught with irregularities and fraud.

Dr. Afari-Gyan bloated the electoral register from 13,917,366 to14, 158,890 registered voters, with a huge difference of 241,524 that he exceedingly finds difficult to justify. The difference came about because of the supposedly registration of a selected few Ghanaians abroad that were eligible to vote. I have elaborated on this in my previous published articles. There is therefore no further need for re-narrating it here. Collaborative attempts were made, and are still being made with some NDC activists abroad to however obtain details to justify the difference (figure) so dubiously inserted in the voter register. Try as they do, they keep hitting hard surface; they are not being successful.

As the consequence of stealing has always been disgraceful with accompanying prosecution and jail conviction to the perpetrator, Dr. Afari-Gyan and John Mahama are not only sweating but also, suffering sleepless nights. "Won aye hot". Dr. Afari-Gyan is unable to explain the 241,524 Ghanaian electorates registered abroad. How can he explain bigger issues relating to the alleged fraud when the time comes?

If the NPP's evidence was not credible enough, the NDC loudmouth radio serial-callers would have since been on air churning out their abusive words and name-callings to rubbish the evidence. As silence means consent, they are panicking over the sheer volume and the credibility of the evidence the Counsel for Nana Akuffo-Addo and Co. has passed to Dr. Afari-Gyan and John Mahama.

This will be the last time to hear of the "ebe dii bi keke" gang stealing electoral votes. They are learning their lesson the hardest way. For their information, an unknown voice revealed to one KOFI BASOAH that Nana Akuffo-Addo would win the election but the NDC would steal it from him. As God reveals to redeem, the voice advised the NPP faithful to remain RESOLUTE agitating for their victory to be restored to them which it surely will.

Do AfariGyan and John Mahama learn anything from the dream? Events on the ground about election 2012 are unfolding exactly as revealed to Kofi Basoah who says his dreams always come to pass exactly as dreamt.

Let Kwadwo Afari-Gyan suffer the repercussions of his criminal acts all alone. "EBE DII BI KEKE"

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson