Time will tell!

Time Will Tell Let love lead. Only time can tell what will ever have the lead in our lives.Let love lead. Only time

Fri, 6 Oct 2017 Source: Kobina Ansah

If you say you love someone, time will tell. If you say you badly need them in your life, time always has a way of telling whether you mean it or not. Time will test whether it is love… or just some passing desire. We will always need to pass life’s test of time!

Time has power. Like a prophet, it will let the world know why we do what we do. If you say you love me, only time will tell. If you say till death does us apart only time will tell if poverty will not put a wedge between us.

The good times will come. The bad times will come, too. Whether we loved others for who they are or what they have, only time will tell. Whether our love for others is one birthed out of a genuine heart or selfish one, let’s leave it for time to tell. Time never lies. It will always uncover the truth no matter how well we have covered it with well-calculated lies.

Time will test our intentions. It will test our character. If you want to know whether a man means what he says to you, just give it [him] time. When a woman promises you she can go to the moon and back just for your sake, just give it [her] time. When someone says they love you from the depth of their soul, only time can ever tell.

Time will make them take a decision. Time will make them choose you ahead of others if they indeed love you. Love that hasn’t been time tested is no love yet. When someone tells you they love you, just nod… and let time do the answering.

Love is like walking into a restaurant. Ordering food is free. Getting it delivered on your table, however, comes at a cost. Making all the promises to your partner is free. Walking up the aisle to swear in the eyes of the public comes almost at no cost. Living by those promises, however, does. It comes at a price to love!

When you love someone, you do what you say. When you don’t, you only say what you’re supposed to do. When you truly love them, you’re ready to give up your comfort for their sake. When you’re only taking them for a ride, you’re ready to take their comfort even for your own sake!

Time will test whether our love is selfish or not. Time will always tell. When a couple is all excited about putting a ring on each other’s finger, only one person can tell whether they’d still have each other’s back when the scales of love have fallen off their eyes— time. Time is a timeless prophet!

The love we have for others will definitely be tested. What we feel for them will pass through the furnace of time. Indeed, time will expose every hidden desire inside of us. The good and bad intentions we have inside of us can only be revealed by time.

Hard times will try to get in the way of our love. Our personal differences will do same. Time will tell whether our love for others is only an empty promise or not. If you say you love someone, give it time. If someone says they love you, give it time.

Love may grow old but it should never grow cold. Despite all the reasons time throws at us to give up on those we love, we ought to still make that conscious effort to water the field of love we have for them. Love is action— a voluntary action. Love is not conjured from the skies. It is created by us. True love is making an effort to stay with our loved ones despite the bad times.

When all the odds are against us, time will test our promises. When our partners have lost their jobs, time will test whether our love for them won’t vanish all of a sudden. Our loved ones will age. The may put on weight. They will not always be who they are— physically— but time will test our love for them emotionally.

Time will always put our love to test. Time will always test the genuineness of our hearts and minds. Between what we say and what we do, is a bridge called time. It will always tell whether we mean what we say or not. It will always tell whether we spoke from our heads… or our hearts.

So… when that gentleman is all gay about you, don’t be too excited. Give him time. When that young lady is all over you every minute, exercise a little more patience. It may not always be love. It may not always be what we assume it should be. We may have many questions on our mind. However, like an examiner of life, time always has the answers.

Time will always expose the motivation behind what we do. If you love her, time will tell. If you love him, time will tell, too. No one knows our thoughts until time gives them away. We may deceive others with our words but time will definitely expose our actions.

Let love lead. Only time can tell what will ever have the lead in our lives.

Columnist: Kobina Ansah