To Asante Bekwai and back

Mr Joseph Osei Owusu First Deputy Speaker Of Parliament Joseph Osei-Owusu

Sun, 18 Oct 2020 Source: Osei Tutu

Being a citizen of Asante Bekwai (Dominase to be specific), I naturally feel touched by the happenings of the town and its environs.

So when I heard that an NPP member has opted to go Independent to fight it out with the incumbent MP, Hon. Joseph Osei-Owusu, I decided to go there and find things out for myself.

While there I gathered that the man going Independent, Mr. Kwasi Amofa Agyemang, was not treated fairly at all by his own party, the NPP. Bent on letting the incumbent MP go unopposed, the party executives did all they could to deny Mr. Agyemang nomination form to enable him contest the primaries.

Feeling done in and with support from a section of the people, he has decided to go Independent.

If he wins Mr. Osei-Owusu, who became MP for the first time in 2009 under similar circumstance, will leave in that same manner.

The question is why should the party executives protect the incumbent MP to go unopposed, an act which contravenes the party's own construction? The Truth is if the game had been played on fair grounds, Hon. Osei-Wusu would have lost miserably.

In spite of his conspicuousness at the national level, due to his position as the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, his performance at the constituency level is nothing to write home about. He rather the constituents accept the fact that as an MP, he is not an agent of development. What then is he there for and where lies his lobbying abilities?

Bekwai, which was an envy of many a town in the country, is now a pale shadow of its glorious self. The road network is bad, deterioration is the order of the day and nothing seems to work there.

With such a situation as pertaining at the town, I believe it is appropriate for Hon. Osei-Owusu to accept the fact that he has not lived up to expectation and bow out honorably.

Columnist: Osei Tutu