To Every Bad Mouth, A Judicial Padlock Is Hung

Thu, 11 Jul 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

(Part 2)

The Supreme court currently hearing the 2012 election petition has fired its first legal bullet hitting Mr. Sammy Awuku, the foul mouthed Deputy Communications Director for the No Purpose Party (NPP) and went ahead to ban him from setting foot in the Court room until the end of the Court proceedings. The legal bullet was fired by Justice Atubuga President of the 9 member panel hearing the election petition at its sitting on June, 26 2013. The Supreme Court cracked the whip after several warnings to lawyers, political parties, social commentators and bias journalists, who always give their own interpretation of the Supreme Court proceedings which are always not accurate or factual. According to Justice Atubuga, such false and in-accurate interpretations of the Supreme Court proceedings are TAKEN VERY SERIOUSLY by the teaming supporters of both the NPP and the NDC and it is a recipe for violence, chaos, that can easily disturb the peace of the country. Yes, the remarks of the learned Supreme Court Judge are very factual and he has HIT THE NAIL RIGHT ON THE HEAD as if he is an ORDINARY MAN, living among the people. In fact, the judge has his ears on the ground and has instantly become the VOICE OF THE VOICELESS-May God bless these judges. In reviewing the national politics situation since the December, 2012 elections, Ghanaians must take note of the specially orchestrated series of events perpetrated by elements related to the No Purpose Party (NPP), for instance, the swing of tongue by the NPP from “RIGGING” and “FRAUD” of the 2012 presidential election to “IRREGULARITIES” when they eventually went to the Supreme Court. Even there, the NPP petitioners first KICKED AGAINST THE INCLUSION OF JUSTICE ATUBUGA because his brother has been appointed by President Mahama and so, the judge will be biased against the NPP. These provocative events have been aimed at DERAILING THE EFFORTS OF PRESIDENT MAHAMA’S GOVERNMENT, and finally making the country UNGOVERNABLE because they (NPP leaders) can not come to terms with the fact that the people of Ghana have elected a Northerner from a minority tribe of Ghana as President as against their preferred candidate, Nana Akufo Addo, their TRIBAL WAR LORD ON WAR PATH. The NPP legal team later ate back their words by agreeing to allow Justice Atubuga to be among the 9 member panel.

Mr. Sammy Awuku has always being in the Supreme Court in his capacity as the Deputy Communications Director of the NPP who always leave the court to go and misrepresent the court proceedings with the help of the bias and notorious pro-NPP news paper “The Daily Guide” a paper whose editor and columnists are all opposed to the erstwhile PNDC government and the present ruling NDC government in general. If the “Daily Guide” editor really believe in Democracy, he should open the pages of his bias pages for Cadres to defend former President Rawlings who launched the June 4th and 31st December revolutions in 1979 and December 1981-the AFRC and PNDC eras. Columnists of the “Daily Guide” have been enslaving the youth of Ghana since 1992 through falsehood.

The NPP hate the truth-I throw a big challenge to the editor of Daily Guide to allow re-actions in defense of the June 4 uprising in 1979 and the PNDC era in 1981 and the great NDC party that was formed in 1992 with President Rawlings as the first democratically elected Head of State. If they dare allow this, their bias newspaper will either FOLD UP or be compelled to publish objective articles worth reading and not INSULTS, LIES, MISLEADING ARTICLES and TRASH. Why was the NPP over confident in winning the 2012 elections based on Ex-President Kufour’s TAINTED LEGACY? If they have forgotten what their hopeless President Kufour did-let me refresh their evil minds with these few instances:

(1) On 8th July, 2004, the then NPP government and its secret agents under the coordinating of the National Security Advisor, Mr. Francis Poku planned to use LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL ASSASSINS TO ELIMINATE RAWLINGS. The operation would have taken place early in August and the assassins would be using the tall trees in Rawlings house to jump the fence wall and attack the house because they suspected Rawlings had weapons in his house, and that he is a threat to NPP’s success in the 2004 elections.

(2) The same 8th July, 2004 the National Security, BNI and the Military Intelligence (MI) placed a 24 hour surveillance on President Rawlings and Captain (Rtd) Kojo Tsikata, once again as the late President Limann did on the instructions of Britain after the AFRC handed over power peacefully to him in September, 1979. Their reason was that since Prof. Kwamena Ahwoi, Kojo Tsika and Tsatsu Tsikata appeared at the so called National Reconciliation Commission (NRC) there had been TENSION within the rank and file of the Security Services especially the ARMED FORCES. In fact, Ex-President Kufour begged several times for a VIOLENT REVOLUTION that would have finally WIPED OUT the reactionaries from Ghana once and for all, but the Progressive Forces IGNORED him. Here was a man who was given power peacefully by Ex-President Rawlings-why was he planning to eliminate him-but Nana Akuffo Addo would have done it by now.

(3) At a review meeting at Akosombo on 14th September, 2004, the NPP government decided to implicate and KILL any of the following retired and serving soldiers they thought could possibly stage a coup de tate. They were (1) J. J. Rawlings (2) Captain Rtd. Kojo Tsikata (3) General Rtd. Arnold Quainoo (4) General Smith (Rtd) (5) Lt. Col. Gbevlo Lartey (Rtd) (6) Peter Nanfuri (7) F. W. Mahama (8) Brigadier Abdulai respectively. Also on 3rd September, 2006, the NPP planned to fake a coup to link former President Rawlings in order to water down the cocaine saga that engulfed that violent prone tribal government of the NPP that year.

(4) May 2004, the NPP never abandoned their plans to KILL Ex-President Rawlings under mysterious circumstances should they get a chance and they did not rule out a FAKE COUP. However, Nana Akuffo Addo would have done it if NPP had won the 2012 elections, but God forbid.

(5) The elaborate assassination operation of the NPP was code named “KEEP HIM OFF THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH”. That operational group was trained by foreign mercenaries.

(6) 15th May, 2004. The NPP decided that should Rawlings attack President Kufour and his government during the coming June 4 celebration that year, the government will FRAME UP Rawlings in a coup plot a few days after the celebrations.

(7) 20th February, 2004. After the National Reconciliation Appearance of President Rawlings and Captain (Rtd) Kojo Tsikata, the National Security viewed the video recording and targeted people who acted as Security men for President Rawlings and Captain Rtd. Kojo Tsikata on the days of appearance. The security agencies started TRAILING them until the NPP lost power in 2009. This is the main reason why I always describe Ex-Preside nt Kufour as a vicious and a very hopeless President that ever ruled Ghana by mistake.

(8) There was a special meeting organized by the NPP government in February, where some men were sent to KILL Captain (Rtd) Kojo Tsikata, and Rawlings was not left out if only they could get him. An amount of ¢100 million was voted for that operation. The question on the lips of many Cadres, NDC members and well meaning Ghanaians are that what is actually wrong with these murderous politicians leading the Asante/Akyem NPP , whose aim it is to kill President Rawlings by any means possible?

(9) On June 12th 2001, an avowed anti-Rawlings organization calling itself the “Coalition for the Defence of Democracy” which constituted mostly of dissidents who had fled Ghana before the January, 1993 constitutional government with Rawlings as President of the fourth Republic, they were quickly recalled by Ex-President Kufour who employed most of them in the National Security outfit. They were even permitted by J. A. Kufour’s government to embark on a so called demonstration against what they called “The Rawlings Phenomenon and Lord Commey, the then National Organizer of the NPP led that demonstration and their main plan was to charge on Rawlings” house and cause harm. In fact, does the NPP leaders believe falsely that they can harm or even kill Rawlings and remain living beings in this country? They lie bad. All of them would be wiped out from Ghana to go and join Rawlings-it will include their wives and children and most of their dishonest journalists in the print and electronic media as well.

(10) It will be recalled that immediately the 200 elections were announced and the NPP won, spontaneous reprisals against NDC supporters took place throughout the country ESPECIALLY IN THE AKAN SPEAKING REGIONS where NDC supporters formed the MINORITY. Many were chased and beaten up by victorious NPP supporters. NDC offices in many constituencies including Kyebi, Abuakwa, the hometown of Nana Akuffo Addo, who even led NPP supporters to burn down the NDC office at Kyebi.

Most constituency offices were set ablaze. Now, is that the so-called democracy that Ghanaians cherish? The stalls of known NDC traders were burnt down together with their goods. Even though there is no requirement for AN EXIT PERMITS before traveling out of Ghana, all the MAJOR EXIT POINTS of the country were given a SECRET LIST OF NDC officials who must be stopped or prevented from traveling, or allowed to travel only after CLEARANCE from UNSPECIFIED SOURCES. That is a J. A. Kufour, the so called Gentle Giant for you. Well, the Progressive Forces in Ghana are waiting patiently for the NEXT LINE of the violent prone NPP when they lose their ELECTION PETITION AT THE SUPREME COURT FINALLY.


Under the pretext of investigating so called malpractices, thousands of decent civil and public servants perceived to be NDC supporters or sympathizers were all DISMISSED FROM WORK under a policy termed “PROCEED ON LEAVE” and during their FORCED HOLIDAYS, their positions were all filled permanently with NPP members and when a “Ghanaian Times” reporter interviewed Kufour he said that, those officials have not been sent home, but THEY WOULD BE RECALLED, but not a single person was recalled. Therefore, when I describe Kufour as a hopeless vicious President, well meaning Ghanaian should bare with me.

It will be recalled that those several attempts to assassinate Ex-President Rawlings were always made to co-incide with Ex-President Kufour’s absence from the country-so that if his security operatives should succeed in killing Rawlings, he will drink champagne, shed crocodile tears and describe it as unfortunate while telling the outside world that Rawlings “was a great man”-such cowards. Naturally, if a blind man tells you to challenge him in a STONE THROWING COMPETITION, HE IS SURELY STANDING ON STONES. The NPP is harbouring a mischievous agenda, the NDC should beware of them.

To The NPP, If You Sow The Wind, You Will Reap The Whirl Wind

Now that the Supreme Court has started hanging judicial padlocks on foul mouthed social commentators, and bias journalists including politicians it should do well to pronounce custodial sentences on those arrogant and pompous journalists as well as communicators from both sides of the political divide to enable them know their limits, since we cannot allow them to incite their innocent supporters to cause mayhem in Ghana, because the country is far bigger than ANY POLITICAL GROUP or embittered presidential candidate. I will use this opportunity to advise Nana Akuffo Addo to go back tothe university when President Mahama opens the New University in the Eastern Region and learn proper political science and not tribal politics of (we Akans), “All Die Be Die” or Afghanistan in Ghana if NPP lose the any future elections. Well, the NPP has lost the 2012, election period, they should wait until 2016 or implement their infamous “ALL DIE BE DIE” mantra and start killing themselves, and Nana Akuffo Addo must die first because he initiated that satanic mantra.

I am done, “Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta Continua.





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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement