To The NPP, 2011 Would Be A Year Of Pain And Agony

Tue, 4 Jan 2011 Source: Ahmed, Musah

Many are those who had wished seeing this newly born year,

2011, but then have missed it in one way or the other.

Those of us, who are fortunately alive to see and celebrate

the year, do not have that because of who we are and what our statuses are. It

is by the power of the Omni-potent God ,

who has the sole responsibility of

taking away who He wishes as well as

maintaining and retaining those He had chosen to live and serve Him by

way of love, compassion and respect for

all creatures especially mankind, no

matter who they are in the society.

Let us not forget that service to humanity is a service to

God, who entrusts mandates into the hands of rulers to lead and serve as Vicegerents

in this world.

It is obvious that all prophets and messengers sent by God

were made up of some qualities including the following: humility, sincerity, and

respect for others and above all, God fearing.

President Mills, the president who Ghanaians mandated the

affairs of country of ours, in about two

years has exhibited almost all the remarkable qualities of God sent leader to rule


wonderful people of this country to the promised land.

I am not by this accession saying that he (President Mills)

is a prophet, but a messenger of God

sent to Ghana with good wills and to put

smiles on the faces of all Ghanaians.

Remarks from even his opponents in the NPP and others are

good signs for Ghana, as they (NPP members) continuously express express

uncountable desires towards the quality

of this great incorruptible man, in

terms of honesty, humility, respect for others even those without his

government and finally, his commitment towards delivering on the Better Ghana Agenda.

The performance of the President Mills’ administration over

t he period of two years, has been tremendous and commendable, looking at how

the nation’s economy has been handled and infrastructural deficits have been

quite addressed. This was the reason why the Economists Intelligent Unit (EIU),

Forbe’s global business ranking as well as the Overseas Development Institute (ODI)

lauded Ghana for her outstanding performance in the Economic world.

I hope we Ghanaians are keeping eyes on the performance of

the NDC government, but do not know whether we have got to realize why the

opposition NPP has been crying foul about the performance of the NDC government

so far.

The efforts made by the government in providing affordable

housing to Ghanaians through the STX deal, the collateralization of part of the

future oil revenue (the Heritage Fund) as well as the wonderful developmental

budget for the 2011 fiscal year were all

criticized by members of the NPP and even termed as “CAUSING FEAR AND PANIC”.

The question is: In who were those fears and panics


I don’t wont to think that the moves made by the NDC

government in ensuring putting the lives of Ghanaians on the better pedestal by

realizing the above listed efforts, are in one way or the other putting panics

and fears in the NPP, as they think effecting those efforts would cripple them

and hence deny them better campaign messages come 2012 election, which should

not be the case.

Ghanaians deserve better living conditions and constructive

criticism in making their lives better but would not forgive anybody who tends

to undermine any efforts that would make them happy.

We thank God that the collateralization of some part of the

oil revenue has been approved by parliament, as it would not have been wise for

people lacking basic amenities like good drinking waters, health facilities and

others be made to die all in the name of saving for the future generation,

whiles arrangements could easily be made for both current and future generations

to benefit from the revenue.

Do not Ghanaians living in the rural areas deserve good

drinking waters, health facilities, schools and other basic social amenities

like those of us in the urban areas? Or

do they not deserve happily like their other colleagues in the cities?

Please, opposition does not mean denying others better

opportunities that would make them happy, all with the prime aim of sabotaging

good works of other parties for political gains.

If initiatives being made by this government to help put the

lives of Ghanaians on the better pedestal, by implementing the ideas stated

above was CAUSING FEAR AND PANIC within the NPP, then I can assure them that

2011 is going to be a year of “CAUSING PAIN AND AGONY”, since it is going to be

the year in which much more actions would be realized so that the lives of

Ghanaians would be better of.

God bless President Mills.

God bless Ghana.

Wishing all Ghanaians a prosperous happy new year.





Columnist: Ahmed, Musah