To all black and white people of the Republican Party

Racism Poster1 Campaigners rallying against racism

Sun, 14 Jun 2020 Source: Eke Agbai

To be sensitive to issues of racism, unequal justice does not make you a bad republican.

To keep quiet in the face of witnessing broad day lynching of a black man on television and many other killings does not make you a good and loyal republican.

To rationalize those killings to black laziness or criminality does not make you a good or loyal republican.

To suggest that blacks ought to have achieved certain degree of economic success because it has been over 401 years since slavery and over 100 years after the emancipation proclamation does not make you a good or loyal Republican.

To rebuke, condemn and say it is wrong to some utterances of President Donald J. Trump since this protest over Mr. Floyd killing began does not make you a bad and disloyal republican.

It takes human blood flowing through your veins to see when and where certain acts are tantamount to man’s inhumanity to man.

That you are a black man who worked very hard and became successful does not make the issues of racism and unequal justice any less important or topical now.

In fact, you are a better Republican if you use this moment in history to call more attention to this destructive cancer of racism eating deep into the fabric of American society.

You may even look taller and better understood among black people as a republican when you boldly own up to your Republican Party as you loudly tell American establishment and leadership that the time to reform the police is now, the time to make the issue of racism an America agenda is now, the time for equal justice, equal opportunity and treatment is now.

You are only a better republican if you are first a better person!!

This is no time for any black Republican to sound personalia. You only impress yourself by so doing.

I am a republican and this is the way I think !!

Columnist: Eke Agbai