Press statement recent developments in the Hohoe Municipality

Sat, 26 Feb 2011 Source: Dzimega, T K

Recent developments within the Hohoe Municipal Assembly and within Hohoe North NDC have given me a grave concern and I wish to appeal to all who have a stake in the development of the area to exercise maximum restraint.

As a youth advocate, a youth leader and a true son of Hohoe, I believe these issues can be resolved through dialogue devoid of acrimony and personal attacks. Much as I will not condone any alleged illegal act by the Municipal Chief Executive, I wish to state that it is important for us all to recognize that the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) is the representative of the President of the Republic of Ghana and therefore represents the President’s interest in the Municipality. The MCE, I believe recognizes the fact that he is a servant of the people and will therefore adopt an open door policy and make himself available to listen to the grievances of the youth, no matter how trivial their concerns are. I also believe that we are all interested in the development of Hohoe and that is why we are all passionate about how our municipality is run.

However, I believe in constructive criticism and I strongly believe that we can only solve any problem we have through dialogue. The National Democratic Congress (NDC) as a party has internal structures for resolving issues between members of the party. We do not have to wash our dirty linen in public and we should always look for avenues to resolve our differences and channel our grievances through appropriate channels. Accusations and counter accusations would not help develop our dear municipality. It is important for all members of the NDC to realize that our political opponents are watching and will not hesitate to use the same words against us when the moment comes for political campaigning. When we use dialogue and it seems not to be working for us, I believe there are senior statesmen, council of elders of the party and our traditional rulers through whom we can resolve those issues. I believe when we consult our chiefs whom the MCE reveres and listens to, the issues would have been resolved. Violence should never be an option and I believe since our problems are in the municipality, we can resolve them within the municipality. I will plead with our party leaders and all who have concern for the development of the Municipality to consider the issues being raised by the youth and mediate the differences between the youth and the MCE. I will also appeal to our traditional authorities to endeavour as much as possible step in to resolve these problems before they get out of hand. Hohoe needs to be developed; after all, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” It is only when we work in harmony that Hohoe can develop. We must not forget that, unity lies in strength.

T K Dzimega

Founder & President

Proactive International


Columnist: Dzimega, T K