To whom it may concern

Nana Appiah Mensah Kente Nana Appiah Mensah, CEO of Zylofon Media

Mon, 15 Jun 2020 Source: Nii Amarh Amarteifio

Dear All,

When we pray, Let's remember Nam1 in prayers, he lacks the ability to reason the spirit of compassion.

One of my foremost principles in life is that I never respect people based on their academic credentials, wealth, or social status. I simply value people because they're humans and how they treat their fellow humans.

For a C.E.O of a ‘troubled’ company to sign an unknown artist in a Coronavirus era, when countries all over the world are minimizing or cutting their budget, is stupidity to the highest degree, especially, when that same C.E.O is owing clients for that past two years. This impunity and display of wanton bravado can only happen in this republic of ours.

I know sometimes allegiance and loyalty can foolishly and blindly alter our level of truth, opinions, and fairness, but not when the lives of people are involved.

You can’t be that flippant and derisive and when you are criticized about this shameless action, you tell us, it is a matter of opinion and perception—knowing very well that Opinions and perceptions are the lowest forms of intelligence.

Sir, I think you have underrated your ‘cherished’ customers and Ghanaians for far too long.

For me, this wonder from NAM 1 may break all box office records.

Columnist: Nii Amarh Amarteifio
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