Today, I am 36

Fri, 26 Apr 2013 Source: Amenga-Etego, Sacut

Yes, I am 36. I have little means. I know the ends. I mean, I know exactly what I want from life. I am working at getting it and I have health and talent with God as my guide to do so. Everybody has been through a unique life experience. The difference here however is that I am one of those keen observers of one’s own life experience. I am a student of myself. I engage in self study and self education. I am a forever student of life. I don’t know how come, but I guess that’s why I am a writer. I am able to recollect and narrate the fine details of every practical experience that I go through in life. If you sit down with me for a drink, I can narrate the details, even the dialogue of the moment in twenty years to come with clarity. Reminiscing for me is a hobby and photography a passion – I like capturing the moment and locking it up in my sub – conscious mind.

My philosophy? I am an extreme liberal on social affairs.

I am mostly misunderstood not only by those who remotely know me but also by those who have been intimate with me. I am a student of goal setting. I don’t subscribe to using every ways and any means to achieve my goals. I believe in the ‘right means’- if there is anything like that. I am a student of great people. I want to be great with my works and that’s why I study great people. I am a believer in myself as an image of God the creator. I try to create every day. I have come to know that integrity, honesty and truth coupled with a positive and progressive attitude towards humanity will always bring a man honors and glory at the end. I thrive towards it. I have embraced it.

Also, the greatest virtue for me is self – restraint which comes from conquering oneself. Controlling what one’s body desires, one’s mind under his control, taming the tongue, assuming calmness from lack of temper, focusing on the good with the eyes on the price, shaking off the canal knowledge. This is a great moral dilemma for me. I strive every day to achieve the virtue of self – restraint. As for justice, and the prudence of it, I am still contemplating it. I know how much injustice pays on the real side of the world.

At 36 I am only realizing the truths of life. I am ready to shake off the escapades of youth, focusing on the end goals. I am consecratedly committed to my plans. And here, I have learned from great guys that one’s plans must always come in duplicates if they are to succeed. Always have plan A –Z. Whenever plan A is about to fail, apply plan B and when plan B is about to fail, apply plan C. etc etc. A man with just a plan A is a man without a plan for plan A is almost always 99.5 % guaranteed to fail. And a man without a plan has nothing to achieve.

It is pretty obvious that one cannot achieve any goal in the real world without allies (people who share common interests and values and philosophies etc etc.). I am building alliances towards the attainment of the goals on my mind. *And in making allies, I am ready to dine with the devil, not to become the devil or his advocate but as a means to study his ways and devise tactics to conquer him.* But I believe sincerely that, of all the allies I need for the attainment of my goals, and the good life, my woman – I mean the one – is the most important to me. Everyone else come second. I have been accused of being egocentric by some of the closest people to me. If that were true, at 36, I am ready to lose my ego. It is not worth it.

When I was growing up in KANDIGA, they used to say if God is the King, then, everything you want, you will get it. Gracefully, God is the King. Which means whatever I can behold is mine. I behold my greatest heart desires!!!

I thank God for my life.

May God accept the meditations of our hearts and the positive words of our mouths flowing from positive thoughts. Amen!!!

SaCut Amenga-Etego

Columnist: Amenga-Etego, Sacut