Together, we’re more

Fidelity Bank MD   Julian Kingsley Opuni 1 Julian Opuni, author

Mon, 7 Oct 2019 Source: Julian Opuni, Fidelity Bank

“Praye, se woyi baako a na ebu: wokabomu a emmu” – When you remove one broomstick it breaks but when you put them together they do not. This often repeated Akan proverb is relevant today because there’s no time like now to take stock, and appreciate what a unified effort achieves.

In unity lies our collective Ghanaian strength. This principle is essential because it is reflected in how corporations serve their customer’s needs. Fidelity Bank acknowledges its responsibility as a reputable Ghanaian bank to rally Ghanaians under the belief that to achieve an advanced nation, “Together We’re More”.

The word “Together” means being united in a common goal. It means joint action. Working in harmony. Fidelity has grown from strength to strength in becoming a world-class financial institution providing superior returns for its stakeholders. What has kept the bank going is the understanding that success is a team effort; between itself, its customers and the general public.

We’ve come a long way. From an early industry high which saw a boom of customer offerings to the last two years, when the industry faced trying times which negatively impacted Ghanaian lives. Throughout the period, Ghanaians made it clear they wanted a resilient bank, to support their financial wellbeing no matter what.

Fidelity knows that this is best progressed with a communal-good mentality. As a bank plugged into the unique needs of our Ghanaian stakeholders, Fidelity has not disappointed. Today, we are still standing. Our focus on communal good is what guaranteed that Fidelity would recapitalise successfully to reassure stakeholders it has their best interests in mind. We are proudly a tier one bank, committed to becoming a top three bank in Ghana with international standards.

We have won more than 60 awards for excellence since our inception, including being recognised for anti-money laundering compliance measures and being named a top 5 sub-custodian in Ghana for asset management. Not forgetting awards for customer service, digital product offerings, trade deals, human resource, corporate social responsibility, and overall best bank.

Since we began as a Discount House in 1998, our mission is to make a meaningful difference and leave a lasting, positive impact on the Ghanaian society. Beyond the hard numbers, we are actively engaged with civic society, working in partnership with our stakeholders to implement a host of initiatives targeted at improving social welfare.

We have enacted a Malaria Prevention Fundraising program, supported by the launch of the Korle-Bu Critical Care Fund; constructed a 12-Seater Biofil Toilet Facility at St. Maurice R/C JHS; supported the UK Ambassadors Ghana Grand Cycling tour; sponsored training programs for disabled persons and JHS pupils at Junior Achievement Africa; partnered with developmental organisations including USAID, Financial Sector Deepening Africa, GIZ, Solidaridad and SNV to impact rural lives in with financial services.

We have people who are professional and proactive, state of the art technology, exceptional corporate governance standards, good knowledge of the local market, and above all, a customer-centric culture. We truly live by the principle that “Together We’re More.”

We have further to go to achieve a developed Ghana with equitably distributed wealth and advanced social wellbeing enhanced by collaborative technology usage. If we are not optimistic about our collective future and financial wellbeing with a reputable financial institution then what have we to look forward to? When people are connected, they agree on what to do and how to do it. Ghana’s journey to self-reliance must focus on self-empowerment while tapping into individual strengths.

Ghanaians are believing with us and now, in light of recent industry challenges, we want to assure them of our unified purpose, that “Together We’re More.” At Fidelity Bank our success is driven by a belief that working with you, bound together like a broom, we can do amazing things. “Ayekoo!” You and Fidelity, working together to achieve your goals. Fidelity Bank, “Believe with us!”

Columnist: Julian Opuni, Fidelity Bank