GJA Leadership Must Award Themselves Twice With ....

Fri, 19 Feb 2010 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The Order Of The Vulture First

Journalism is simply the system societies generate to supply news. That is why we care about the character of news and the journalism we get. They influence the quality of our lives, our thoughts and our culture. However, lack of clarity for both citizens and news people has weakened journalism which is now weakening democratic society, in Africa especially Ghana.

The main purpose of journalism is to provide people with the right information they need to be free and self governing. They must serve as an independent monitors of power, but in Ghana, independent press rarely survives since most journalists are heavily paid by some corrupt politicians to destroy their opponents through the publication of FALSE STORIES like those false stories written by Baby Ansabah about then candidate Mills in 2008 in order to destroy him for Ghanaians to reject him and vote for Nana Akuffo Addo.

After sincerely apologizing to President Mills, Baby Ansabah’s mind is free and the President will forgive him and tell him to go and sin no more-period. Why should the leadership of the GJA decide to decorate or award Baby Ansabah with the “Order of the Vulture” for confessing his misdeeds – All the GJA executive who are politician journalists and are biased against objectivity right from January 2001, after the exit of former President Rawlings to January 6th 2009 must award themselves twice with the “order of the vulture” firs before even trying to confer one on Baby Anasabah. Were these fire-eating so-called investigative journalists not the very people who described Rawlings as the Common Enemy from 1992 – 2000 and never saw any thing good in him except malicious allegations published daily about him? All those senior journalists condemning Baby Ansabah are rather worse than him and they must bow their thick heads in shame rather than speaking out in their attempt to disgrace Baby Ansaba, whose honest confession is only a tip of the iceberg. This is GJA’s day of shame.

FAKE ESTATE OF THE REALM IN GHANA? Journalists contribute immensely to the shaping of society and they are the eyes of every democratic society. They are to serve as the voice of the voiceless, they are described as the “Fourth Estate of the Realm” worldwide, but in Ghana, this respectful and noble profession has been hijacked by money grabbing crooks who are easily bought like bags of maize by property owning democrats since January 2001 – January 6th 2009 and they wrote NOTHING negative about that government for 8 solid years whilst writing classical pieces of mendacious TRASH couched in its ANTI-NDC nature with the main aim of killing that party, then in opposition whose leaders were described as criminals whilst members of the then ruling NPP government were rather described as Angels, Saints and God fearing politicians who were all media friendly including Ex-President Kufuor who was described as their Common Friend because they could buy ANY journalist with RAW CASH whether in Dollars, Euros or Pounds Sterling. By so doing, we now have a “Fake Estate of the Realm” in Ghana and Ghanaians now see most journalists as very dishonest people with double faces who only write false stories about innocent people all the time, but that may NOT be true. Was it not a former U.S. President – Thomas Jefferson who said that he prefer newspapers without government to a government without news papers? I hope my quotation is a fact. Meanwhile where is Mr. Document and His infamous politicians of the coffee shop mafia. Today, let Ghanaians copy or emulate the former U.S. President’s speech and see – our journalists would TURN Ghana into Rwanda with publications on tribal superiority, illegal land acquisitions, chieftaincy disputes, wife snatchings, earth quake hoaxes for thousands to leave their homes and sleep in parks and what have you. The GJA leadership must rather follow the honest and good example of Baby Ansabah by apologizing to all Ghanaians for deceiving them through the publication of false stories about the NDC and its founder Jerry Rawlings as well as the then Presidential candidate Mills who is now the President of Ghana. They must equally apologise to Ghanaians about their infamous HIT LIST that showed that some prominent Ghanaians were targeted to be eliminated if the NDC came to power in 2008. Since when did Professor Mills become a murderer and how many people has he killed so far after 1 year in office? The GJA must tell Ghanaians. The NDC victory over the NPP in 2009 is a punishment from God. God bless Ghana. I will be back again only when the GJA reacts, because we are not animals to be fighting one another in the name of politics.

RADIO STATIONS Most radio presenters in the various FM studios were extremely bias in the way they hosted their panelists – including Ms Gifty Anti’s GTV from 2001 – 2008, and despite all these negative and partisan behavior by these politician journalists, the NDC crushed the NPP in 2009 because lies put up as propaganda remain lies no matter the political persuasion of the liar – that was why ex-president Kufuor rode on the Blue Elephant from 2001 – 2008 and lied to Ghanaians, threw dust into their eyes and became a 419 government because they (NPP) believes that deception is the Highest virtue in life and the people TOTALLY REJECTED the NPP in 2009. Hon. Dr. Matthew Prempreh, MP for Manhyia, it is rather your NPP party which was a 419 government and not the government of Professor Attah Mills as you stated in the studios of Angel FM on the 11th of February 2010. Dr. Napo must be reminded that some District Assemblies embezzled between GH¢17 billion to GH¢80 billion, and left huge debts for the NDC government to come and pay. Let me remind Dr. Napo that the NPP is only good in opposition, that is where they belong and they must remain there for another 30 years . Talking about 419 governments, was it not Ex-President Kufuor’s regime, that ministers went to borrow loans from Chinese Kiosks? Was it not under the NPP era that cocaine could turn into ashes at the police headquarters? Was it not under the NPP government that a convicted drug baron could throw a lavish birth day party in prison? Was it not under the NPP government that a sitting President fathered children out of wedlock and his nephew – a former minister of health had twins with a white lady when he left Ghana to go and address participants about HIV Aids but engaged in raw sex which produced twins? Dr. Napo, the MP for Manhyia must come again to compare the achievements of the 8 years of their 419 NPP government and the 1 year old Mills government objectively for all Ghanaians to see. This is unfortunate. You see, truth is an indispensable quality of life and all Ghanaians must practice it, so that the youth would emulate the good examples of their elders. Members of the GJA must render an unqualified apology to Ghanaians who are very discerning during general elections. I throw it to the public to judge for themselves. Clement Sangaparee Obuasi Email: clement sang@yahoo.com Distribution All Media Houses Accra

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement