Tribal-supremacist Politicians' Narrow-mindedness

Sat, 14 Jul 2012 Source: Thompson, Kofi

Rob Ghana's Younger Generation Of Their Future

By Kofi Thompson

We must aim to build a Ghana in which all who work hard can realise their full potential - regardless of the tribal antecedents of their Ghanaian citizenship.

It is for that reason that whenever I get the opportunity to interact with younger generation Ghanaians, I try and impress upon them the importance of not allowing narrow-minded older-generation politicians (from across the spectrum), who lack the imagination to move our country to the next level, to deceive them.

They must not allow such politicians to trick them into locking themselves into a mindset, akin to imprisoning one's self in a dark single-room, full of calcified-thinking, and enclosed in four walls built out of concrete blocks-of-prejudice.

What will take Ghana to the next level, is cutting-edge thinking by a leadership that understands clearly that Ghana must become a genuine meritocracy, in order to achieve its full potential.

The Kokofu-football troika-bedfellows of tribalism, nepotism and inherited privilege, are the greatest enemies of meritocracy in Ghana.

The vast majority of educated young people in Ghana, simply want to live in a well-run nation in which merit amply rewards, and tribal considerations don't enter the equation in achieving success.

At all costs we must free our country from the vice-like grip of the clever tribal-supremacist self-seekers, who now dominate Ghanaian society - and are so incredibly powerful and influential within our political class.

To secure the younger generation's future, we must sideline those hypocritical individuals whose limiting narrow-mindedness holds back our nation, so.

The negativity of their thought processes - based on a world-view mired in ancient tribal glories, underpins their endless scheming to impose a parallel-system dominated by today's descendants of our pre-colonial tribal societies' ruling elites, on our modern African nation-state.

They must not be allowed to succeed in their aim. Their nation-wrecking goal is an affront to common decency. And, worse of all, it poses an existential threat to our ethnically-diverse and united nation-state.

They must not be allowed to break the binding-bond of national unity, made possible by the fact that virtually all Ghana's extended family clans have been enriched by inter-tribal marriage.

We must not allow such negative individuals to hold back Ghana's march forward, as a united people striving to create a modern, liberal democratic society devoid of the evils spawned by tribalism - one in which all who work hard can realise their full potential, regardless of the tribal antecedents of their Ghanaian citizenship.

We must end the impunity of the powerful and well-connected tribal-supremacist and elitist politicians, who think that somehow they are above the law.

No one in Ghana must be above the law, if we truly want our nation to progress.

Rooting out such dangerous individuals from all the political parties in our homeland Ghana, is a must.

Tribal-supremacist politicians are worst than even the most dangerous of armed robbers - for the consequences of their narrow-mindedness rob Ghana's younger generation of their future.

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Columnist: Thompson, Kofi