Tribute To Comrade Agnes Dapaah – A Cadre.

Sun, 12 Jan 2014 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

There are citizens of this country (and a few non – Ghanaians) men and women, young and old, some in government positions serving and retired military and police personnel as well as civilians who deserve the HIGHES MEDALS OF HONOUR for helping in various ways to bring about as well as helping to secure the REVOLUTIONARY FERVOUR.

They are NOT KNOWN and shall NEVER BE KNOWN. They may NEVER BE DECORATED, and most of them have chosen to remain ANONYMOUS, that is the way it should be and I respect them for it, because THE BATTLE IS NOT YET OVER ‘’ – ‘’ J.J. Rawlings – June 4 1979.

The short regime of the AFRC was poised to set standards to sharpen social conscience, SETTING IN MOTION IDEAS which would hence forth militate actively against the politics and morality of WEALTH and PRIVILEGE which had gripped our NATIONAL LIFE.

We cannot help but FEEL THAT we have only SCRATCHED THE BARE SURFACE OF OUR NATIONAL PROBLEMS. So it was and Death laid its Icey Hands on Mrs. Agnes Dapaah Adams, aged 59years at the Saint Jude Hospital on 31st December, 2013, incidentally she died on the 32nd anniversary of the 31st December Revolution in which she participated actively from 1982 – 1992 as a former C.D.R member of Obuasi Zonal Secretariat. She could NOT CROSS OVER OR JUMP OVER the fenceto enter the year 2014.

Her one week anniversary was celebrated by her family on the 8th of January, 2014, at the Sakafia School Park near Gausu, a subarb of Obuasi. She was exactly 27 years of age when she joined the revolution in 1982.

Her final funeral rites will be celebrated on the 1st of March 2014 and burial will take place at Kokofu – Akyeremade in the Ashanti Region. May her soul rest in perfect peace till we meet up there. So far, the following Comrades took lead before her – they were Comrades George Okantey, John Brian Odoom, Former Zonal Organising Assistant and Assembly man for Bediaso Electoral Area, Anthony Baffoe and Victor Dandzo, former Chairman of the C.D.R or AGC Ltd.

They all died as Revolution Paupers and it could be your turn tomorrow, so what legacy are you leaving behind? One by one, we would leave this Cursed Earth, so what steps are we taking as cadres to ensure that our children would NOT BECOME WORTHLESS PAUPERS AS WE ARE TODAY 2014? Some people may not understand the term REVOLUTION PAUPERS

Let me take pains to explain it to them. This writer is himself a Revolution Pauper as well as all those cadres who were NOT given Ex-Gratia awards by the erstwhile PNDC government from 1982-1992 right up to the year 2000 before Rawlings left office. Do you now understand what I mean by the term ‘’ Revolution Paupers? From 1982-1992, PNDC members, Secretaries of State, Regional and District Organising Assistants of C.D.R’s were all given Ex-gratia awards and all members of the Public Tribunals and since Rawlings was the Chairman of the PNDC and Ghana’s Honest and powerful Head of State, he indirectly told cadres to TAKE THE REVOLUTION WHILE THEY TOOK THE MONEY and that was it, after all, who born dog? Here was a man who led a crusade against Injustice and Cheating and yet he cheated his own cadres well, dog bite dog, isn’t it?

Our problems are TONGUE PROBLEMS, but it is our TONGUES which help us to educate and convince the people to vote massively for the NDC since 1992 to date 2014. So when the party win elections and form a government and nobody thinks about you for reasons best known to themselves. Let it be - apologies to the late President Mills, but we must ensure that the NDC remain in power up to 2021 and beyond for the sake of our children in our capacities as cadres who are the FOUNDATION OF THE GREAT NDC. It will be recalled that I started writing articles to the media since 1984 from the PNDC era to date 2014, so I owe no apologies to all those who are offended by the articles I write because they were NEVER PART OF THE PNDC government neither did they ever work with any of the revolutionary organs and so, the best thing for them to do is to leave the NDC entirely or shut up completely since there is no turning back on my part today or tomorrow – is that clear?

I always write to provoke debate and NOT to please anybody or group of people ever since I picked up my pen to defend the erstwhile PNDC government and now the great NDC. I serve the NDC BUT NOT INDIVIDUALS.


I will like to use this opportunity to humbly ask the NDC General Secretary to explain to cadres as to how the above fund is being operated or will be operated since some of us are in a fix in the sense that the definition of the Heroes Fund is not clear to some of us. Who are the Heroes in the NDC? Are they those who joined the 31st Revolution in 1982 with ‘’Charlie votes’’ and returned with bare feet to their homes? (2) Are they those thousands of cadres who died during the PNDC era in 1982 without compensation to their families, 0r those who joined the NDC in 1992 to date 2014? This is my very simple question to our only General Mosquito who will STING you to DEATH if you behave foolishly towards him like ‘’Sir John’’ of the violent prone NPP.

Cadres must think about their Future Orphans after they die and work hard within the NDC stop behaving like CRABS as they are currently doing in the NDC.

CONCLUSION Comrade Agnes Dapaah was known in private life as Afia Sarpomaa. When she tied the knot with Mr. Adams and was led to the Altar. She was known as Mrs. Agnes Dapaah Adams. She left behind two beautiful young ladies and two handsome young men.

She was a good Cadre, a good Mother a good Communicator and a Hardworking Cadre. She is gone forever, but will never be forgotten at all, for she have served her country very well. However, the Grim Reaper came for her on 31st December 2013 and she could not escape. For your information , Comrade Akwasi Donkor and his wife, Comrade Justice Dasaa and Millicent Mortey Akpadzi all resident in the United States should come down to Ghana and attend Agnes Dapaah’s Dapaah’s final funeral rites which takes place on Saturday 1st March 2014. In the absence of that, let your monies come down through the cadre corps in Obuasi so that we use it to assist the Widower and his Orphans as well as the Bereaved family. I hope you will all consider this serious but sorrowful information since we will all be called by our Maker one Dark Day.

Comrade Agnes Dapaah – may your soul rest in perfect peace alongside President Nelson Mandela who was an International Cadre. All cadres are cordially invited to this funeral. ! Is anybody listening? I am done ‘’Jaanbie Iwaii – Aluta Continua!



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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement