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Tribute for HE Alhaji Aliu Mahama

by Selorm Kofi Dake

The sudden demise of His Excelllency Aliu Mahama came to me as a rude shock although I knew he was a bit unwell for the past few days. It was the least of my expectations that he would pass on so soon. Indeed, Ghana has lost a great son of the land.

I have had the opportunity of working close to those who were close to him although I never met him in person, one on one. I remember the days I used to visit my brother Samuel Kwadwo Frimpong at the Castle and the good radiance I always received from him and the high commendations about the former Vice President by the staff of his office.

Let me however focus on the two most important attributes of HE Aliu Mahama for which I respected him for. First, he had the interest of Ghana at heart in all that he did, particularly in his service to the nation as the number two man of the land. He was humble, caring, compassionate, kind to many people and associated himself with both the low and high in society. His demeanor of a disciplined public servant spoke volumes about his personality. More importantly, he was a peace loving Ghanaian and exuded an aura of peace wherever he went across the country. Just a month ago, he commissioned Samuel Kwadwo Frimpong and I to help him organise the maiden National Peace Dialogue in line with his vision of promoting national cohesion and unity through his Aliu Mahama Foundation. We drafted all proposals and even started circulating the invitation and sponsorship letters for which he gave us assurance of giving us his full support to make it happen, only to be taken ill. His love for peace and respect for our diversity as a people united by a common destiny is one every Ghanaian should be proud of. This was a man, who, even at the point of death was still preaching and promoting peace in Ghana, in his own small way.

Second, he saw the need to empower the younger generation of leaders. I will use my brother Samuel Kwadwo Frimpong as a case study. HE Aliu Mahama first met Samuel while the youngster was serving in a remote village in the Northern Region of Ghana some few years back. He was so impressed that a university student could devote his time to volunteering in service of country, expecting nothing in return. His love for Samuel therefore was cemented because he saw in Samuel a seed of greatness. He had always been there for Samuel as a mentor, father, life-coach, counselor and a professional anchor. Samuel rose through the ranks of student politics to become the President of the University Students Association of Ghana (USAG) for the 2005/2006 academic year and later as the liaison to HE Aliu Mahama at the Osu Castle. When all hope was almost lost for a scholarship for Samuel, HE Aliu Mahama fought had to secure an MBA scholarship for him to proceed for masters in China, through his personal efforts. Samuel did well by topping his MBA class , thus winning a 3 year fully funded Chinese Government Scholarship. Samuel also became the President of the National Union of Ghana Students-China (NUGS-China). The youngster HE Aliu Mahama discovered a little over half a decade is ago is almost done with his PhD in Industrial Economics with just a few weeks at hand.

I cannot speak more than to implore those of us our former Vice President of Ghana has left behind to embrace the peace that he exemplified and to continue to work for a better Ghana, uniting ourselves though a common sense of purpose and love.

HE Aliu Mahama was a good man!!!

Asumdwehene II, Rest In Perfect Peace.

*Selorm Kofi Dake is an international business development consultant and lead founder of the Young Democrats.

Selorm Kofi Dake,Business Development Consultant, +233-268029503.www.facebook.com/selorm.dake

Columnist: Dake, Selorm Kofi

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