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Tribute from Kofi Denkyira-Obuasi to Major Maxwell Adam Mahama

Captain Mahama3 Captain Maxwell Mahama

Sat, 10 Jun 2017 Source: William Kofi Latsey

Major Maxwell Adam Mahama, I come before you knowing how unworthy I am to come near you[seeing my name is enough to show me the exit], let alone ask for few minutes of your already heart-wrenching moment trying to accept you are a goner. As unworthy as I am, I can only beseech you with the mercies of God to give me the few minutes I humbly ask for.

On that fateful day, I was and still I am in a far away land when I heard and later watched how my kinsmen brutalised, tortured, and massacred you for the very wrong, primitive, and unpardonable reason.

Your painful and unexpected death is a big blow to your wife, two innocent children, parents, siblings, relatives, associates, and the people of Ghana.None is collected enough to console the other.

For the first time, the people of Ghana came together in solidarity but without Denkyira-Obuasi which is the reason behind this unceasing grief.

A few minutes action of my kinsmen, but, not too short a time to have stopped you from losing your humble and precious life, has collapsed a community built from decades of sweat.I did not partake in your gruesome killing but I am receiving my share of it even from where I am currently. How I was ever quick to mention my hometown when asked? But now, I feel ashamed to mention it one more time to anyone.I doubt anyone would believe I am not heartless like my kinsmen, henceforth, seeing what was meted out to you.

This calamity, our people has brought upon us, is so heavy. The tears and wailing of your wife, mother, father, siblings, relatives, and Ghanaians remind us of it. How could we have cut short the life of such a promising person on nothing? How I wish we can roll back the wheels of time? So that we can replace a different story with this one. Perhaps, a story that you were given the opportunity to tell who you were. After that, you were saluted for being a captain at this your young age.Such an inspiration!

What has happened will linger on minds for years.And it can take forever to obliterate from minds. If there is any wish to make, then it is that you continued to live your God given life.But sorry! after wishing, we are back to reality to find that the people of Denkyira-Obuasi where I hail from are pointed any time your name is mentioned, of course, for the wrong reason.

As a native of Denkyira-Obuasi, the rippling effect of the careless act of some of my kinsmen is already unbearable.I therefore have come before you with a shameful face and regretful heart to ask forgiveness for this distasteful act that cut your life rather short whose curses and future consequences we are all facing. The best compensation we can give to you, your wife and children, family, and the people of Ghana is to bring every single person of Denkyira-Obuasi who actively and passively participated in your killing to face the full rigours of the law.I implore the security agencies mandated to take up the matter to expedite actions on their investigations. I also encourage all Ghanaians to assist in whichever way possible to find all your perpetrators.

It is sad that it has to take the death of an innocent person like you for us to revisit the issue of 'Mob Injustice' or 'Instant Justice'. This time around, with all seriousness as a people. It cannot be a nine day wonder.What the people of Denkyira-Obuasi has gone through so far should be a lesson for every community and everyone to end mob injustice now. I believe the arrest, trial and subsequent judgment of the perpetrators will further send strong warning to people to desist from such backward act. The law should apply without fear or favour.

Major, you are a hero. You are that hero who refused to shoot when you could have. To defend yourself against a crowd of heartless men and women. This shows the kind of person and heart you have.

Major Maxwell Adam Mahama, please find mercy and forgiveness for the name Denkyira-Obuasi and its natives like myself for this calamity brought on us.

May God accept your humble soul.

Columnist: William Kofi Latsey
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