Tsatsu “Quote Quote the Real Quote” is Wobbling on…

Mon, 5 Aug 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Many times that Tsatsu "Quote Quote" has sought to outsmart Philip Addison, he gets caught with his pants down to his knees. The last time I heard, he had sneaked in his "address" (summation of his defence, observations and arguments quoting relevant supportive Constitutional clauses and citing case law) a day later than is required.

? Many a Ghanaian has faulted Tsatsu Tsikata, the supposedly flamboyant lawyer and Law Professor among his equals, for cheating in what in our time as students would be "3b3 key" (cheating in exams). He waited for the petitioners to file their address on time, 30 July 2013, as ordered by the Supreme Court, served copies by the Court registrar, before submitting his about fifteen or more hours later than was demanded by the Court as mutually agreed on by all parties in Election 2012 case.

? The Court should have rejected the filing of his address outright for disrespecting the Court’s order to file it on a specific date and timeframe. Did he not deliberately do that to gain access to the petitioner’s address, study it and amend his subsequently to have a clear advantage of them? This would clearly be his aim if indeed he had copies of the petitioner’s filed address on 30 July 2013. Who would not avail themselves of such an opportunity to prove that they are outstanding lawyers when indeed they are hollow, as depicted by the Lead counsel for the respondents, Tsatsu Tsikata, alias "Tsatsu Quote Quote".

? The Supreme Court will surely consider the motive behind Tsatsu’s late filing of the address application and consequently punish him for that. Anyway, the NDC’s presence in the Court case was to waste time hence, Tsatsu and whatever he represents with regard to the case is pure nonsense. The case was all about nailing Dr Afari Gyan on the "statutory violations cross" which the petitioners have indeed done beyond belief.

? What can Tsatsu do in the face of such an avalanche of irregularities in Election 2012? He had only better put on unethical but probably face-saving tactics to prove to his supporters that he is still the best as falsely believed by Ama Benewa Doe. He is just a spent force in the in this particular Election 2012 case if not in the legal arena as a whole. Any lawyer who deliberately lies when faced with the truth is weak in the legal arena and so is alias" Lawyer Quote Quote".

? Tsatsu is just wobbling on his feeble legal legs aided by his equally "Communist style" legal brain – an insulting bully.

? ? I appeal for justice but not peace. Peace automatically follows justice but not the vice versa. If we really want to kill two birds with a stone, then let us choose justice above peace in this trying period in the life of Mother Ghana.

? Truth MUST guide the Supreme Court judges to deliver justice according as could be ascertained from the mountain of pink sheet proofs and evidences gathered during the cross-examinations of the principal witnesses.

? GOD, I know, has already indicated the winner of this Court case. Anyone who cares to know the claim I have just made must only read my publications on Kofi Basoah’s dream as I keep mentioning in my articles.

? Rockson ? ?

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson