Tsikata Perseveres, but gets Confused and Irritated

Fri, 17 May 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata Perseveres, but gets Confused and Irritated

Guided by the superb adage, “Perseverance conquers difficulties”, the supposedly serene Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata, now a maverick, is resolutely determined to fault Dr Bawumia no matter how long it takes. He knows that, “Determination backed by action is the key to success” so until he gets Dr Bawumia entangled in some sort of cobweb of lies, he will never end cross-examining him.

Lawyer Tsikata has been granted spaceless freedom and time to throw any question of his liking at Dr Bawumia. Thinking Dr Bawumia is his mentee or student, he requires him to produce exact answers he, Tsatsu, anticipates from him.

This reminds me of the good old school days when a tutor would expect his brilliant students to reproduce verbatim, the tutor’s notes written out and copied by the students into their notebooks. Whoever did that got the highest mark at exams. Tsatsu will never have it his way, as bully as he has been established to be.

He should be reminded that Dr Bawumia was never one of his students and even if he was, he is no more. Therefore, he must cease intimidating and insisting he, Dr Bawumia, produces the very answers demanded of him by he, Tsatsu Tsikata.

I understand the desperation faced by him. His other two respondent's counsel-colleagues could not score any marks with Dr Bawumia. He, Tsatsu, being the last one standing on a limping leg, wants to make an indelible mark to justify his "Tsatsu Quote Quote" mystification by the gullible NDC swarm of "quick-moving and plotting groups who win by disruption". Nonetheless, his efforts are not producing the expected results hence; his frustrations and insistence to keep on cross-examining Dr Bawumia until Thy Kingdom come.

Very unfortunately, some learned judges among those sitting on the Election 2012 case are highly supportive of what my European legal brains term as insane and time-wasting cross-examinations that are yielding no positive results but rather attracting insults, castigation and are potentially undermining not only the sitting judges’ credibility and integrity but also, the law profession. This is Africa or Ghana for you, what else do you expect, I keep telling them.

It is good that we have live telecast coverage of the proceedings where many people are watching and making their own informed decisions.

Before I go to bed, let me kindly remind Tsatsu Tsikata and his supporters among who may be some judges that are cunningly goading him on, of the following quotation from Luke Johnson. "Knowing when to quit separates winners from losers. Those who spend years pursuing lost causes can waste their lives. Others who leave gracefully and move on understand that the world is full of opportunities, and know that sheer stubbornness for its own sake is foolish"

The crux of this write-up is found in the immediately preceding paragraph. Remember the dream by Kofi Basoah and do as advised, all ye discerning Ghanaians. The enemies will try but they will lose. They will gang up but the Good GOD will scatter them. They will plot but they will not succeed as long as you stay RESOLUTE in pursuance of justice for the people.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson