Opinions Fri, 2 May 2014

Tweaaa DCE must be re-instated

By: Jake Addo

The District Chief executive of Ahafo Ano South District in the Ashanti Region, Hon Gabriel Barimah should not be punished for doing is job. In the Israeli Army you are punished for non performance and not for excesses. The logic behind this principle is to make people work without fearing they could be punished for doing what is their duty. You do not kill you watch dog because he bites someone mistakenly. Thorns protect roses as palm branches protect the palm fruit. Those who cut the palm branches are after the palm fruit, so those who attack the President’s appointees are after the President.

The Ashanti Region has always been hostile to any party or government apart from the party or government of their choice. Nkrumah’s appointees had a hard time in Ashanti Region simply because they follow someone they thought was no fit to rule Ashantis. The NLM gave Nkrumah and his appointees a hell of a time. Prempeh II stated that he would not allow a bush man like Nkrumah to rule him. To them only they have the right to rule.

Ashantis do not have regard for Ashantis who do not have stools let alone minority tribes whose stools they do not regard even if they should have one. Ashanti Kingdom of old was as big as present day Ghana, so they seem to be living in the past, thinking it is they alone who must rule and therefore have no regard for any non Ashanti president and his appointees.

Those Ashantis who supported the CPP in the past, and those who are supporting NDC now are considered traitors and backward so they are heckled and harassed on daily basis, so for the NDC appointees to survive they must develop a tough skin to face them squarely.

The NLM murdered the sister of Krobo Edusei. The whole of Ashanti was mobilized into terrorism. The authorities hastily hanged Twumasi Ankrah the CPP Ashanti Regional Propaganda Secretary when killed in legitimate self defence. This was thought naively to appease the reactionary thugs. But the violence escalated with more deaths. Those who do not know history are cursed to repeat them.

All the attacks on Jerry John Rawlings was because they thought he was on the seat they should occupy, for this reason he had his share of insults, and he also gave it back to them, for that is the only language they can understand. When Jerry was no more president, they were able to say things like even the former President Rawlings says Atta- Mills is not doing well. So because Rawlings is no more President, he has become a good man. The only reason they attack you and your appointees is because you are on the seat they should occupy.

Gabriel Barimah is rather the victim of disrespect. Today the youth, chiefs, zongo chiefs and opinion leaders are calling for his return.

I endorse the decision of the the NEC of the NDC demanding his re-instatement in a resolution signed by the General-Secretary Mr. Asiedu Nketia.

Long live the NDC!

The author is the Chairman of Dr. Aryerh Branch, Tema East Constituency, NDC and a management consultant


Columnist: Addo, Jake