The Toothpick in The Mouth of The Hypo – An NDC Nightmare

Sat, 5 Dec 2015 Source: Dabbousi, Fadi

By Fadi Dabbbousi

In much less time than anyone anticipated, and much after the sore vilification of the hierarchy of the NPP over the suspension of Mr Paul Afoko from the Chairmanship position, the NDC could barely keep its pants up when it begun a suspension spree.

Characteristic of the NDC, spoiling the broths of other chefs is the signature hallmark of shame pertinent to its malevolence. Unlike the vile mannerisms of the NDC, it is indisputable that the NPP is one party that is known for its adherence to law and order. Generally where a constitution is available, it is the NPP that follows it sacrosanctly.

It is unfortunate that the NDC does not even care about its own. Because of internal vote rigging and massive malpractices, its members have turned against one another in a cannibalistic attempt to chew each other’s flesh. Maybe they are manifesting the mischievous statement once made by their President to the effect that “The meat is all gone. We’re down to the bones (y’awii nnam niyinaa aka dompe)”.

The conundrums of the NDC are loudest. They seem to gag at their little bit of venom of which they served the nation heavy doses when they rigged the 2012 elections. I am very glad though that buffoons of the most obnoxious species like Parliamentary Candidates Sam George and Noemele, as well as other executives, have been suspended from the NDC party. Even a sitting MP, as Noemele, did not escape the wickedness of his unfashionable party, a suspension much more grievous than the NPP’s of a sitting chairman. Yet these venomous bandits hyped the suspension of Mr Paul Afoko so much so that they managed to temporarily create a measure of short-lived confusion in the midst of the honourable members of this party.

They were the same people fuelling sedition in the NPP and gloating at their temporary predicaments which have long been resolved, thanks to wise elders and leadership. Then one loudmouthed top gun propagandist, Alhaji Bature, is all over the media concocting lies ghoulishly. He is such an expert at cooking up lies and delivering them on a faecal plate of filth that the very dilemma of the NPP that he helped hype and propagate has flown right into his face and that of his paymasters, the NDC. Now that all hell has broken loose in the NDC, and since the malicious intent of these sucker leeches have been exposed, it comes to one as no surprise that H.E. Mr Incompetent recently got into an ugly brawl with the former President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria.

In fact so bad were his pronouncements that he reeled in international shame to our nation than honour. He called General Obasanjo an “idiot” and “stupid buffoon” at the African Forum in the UK. It was revealed that President John Mahama had doled out a whopping amount of twelve million US Dollars (12,000,000) to Goodluck Jonathan during Nigeria’s Presidential elections that ushered in the brand new era of General Buhari. This was an amount that probably dissipated into a frenzy of Nigerian merry making because in the midst of billions spent on the elections of that country, this petty cash could not have been more than a toothpick in the mouth of the hypopotamus.

When the very competent Dr Bawumia refers to President John Mahama as incompetent, he is vindicated by many nasty decisions of the Presidency, and the above mentioned is one of them. How can suffering nurses, Doctors, teacher trainees and others suffer in such wasteful manner under the pretext of government’s insalubrious lie that there is no money when the President is wasting it on misplaced priorities?

Worse is the incredible discovery that the NDC government is blackmailing Nigerian business people and investors, and collecting large bribes from them. The reputation of the NDC government has gone viral internationally for their sullen attitudes towards practically everything. Why should Ghanaians not opt for change? Why should Ghanaians not revolt against this fallible government at the polls when there are wise people like Nana Akufo-Addo poised to take over the reins of Power with his able Vice, the pride of Ghana, His Competency Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia?

Fellow Ghanaians, let us reject the NDC at the polls. Let us reject the most incompetent government Ghana has ever had. Let us reject the error President, who has brought us so much more shame in seven years than JJ Rawlings had in 20 years.

#Iamforchange #Voteincompetentmahamaout #LetusFlushtheNDCoutofourbowels

Columnist: Dabbousi, Fadi