Two things beggars don't do

Fri, 8 Nov 2013 Source: Agyemang, Nana Kwaku

As is custom and practice with Ghanaians world over we tend to jump scream and shout at the beginning of every venture hailing it as the panacea to the problems we face only for it to eventually die an embarrassing death in the end.

By this I am referring to the “SuperSport” deal. I think we all agree that it came around at the right time to save our blushes and that it has the potential of elevating Ghana football because of the professionalism that exudes from the pedigree of the broadcasting company involved. But that in itself will still not be enough.

The sums involved are actually nothing to write home about and in truth is quite embarrassing to be honest, whilst Nigeria secures $34,000,000 from their television and broadcasting rights over a three-year period Ghana is going to receive the paltry sum of $2,100,000 over the same period. This amounts to the sum of $700,000 per season!

Clubs can only secure a maximum $43,750 per season each. We all know that is better than nothing but is it really enough? The answer to that is an obvious and resounding no! But there are two things beggars just can’t do which I will tell you in a minute!

Anyway that is not my issue this morning, no far from it I am apprehensive about something else that concerns the television and broadcasting rights. I have been observing on my frequent visits to the Accra sports Stadium that the pitch has been gradually burning up. In fact I discussed this with CEO of Green Grass Technology when we met in Kumasi days before the first leg of the World Cup qualifier between Ghana and Egypt.

Mr. Boahene, CEO of Green Grass Technology was quite openly candid in his response when he admitted that there was no water available in Accra to water the pitch and contrary to what has been speculated Green Grass Technology were no the ones responsible for finding water for the pitch either! Interesting…

AlhajiJawulaLepowura the Chairman of the MTN FA Cup Committee made a vivid and valuable contribution concerning the television and broadcasting rights recently purchased by SuperSports.

He was very concerned that matches to be televised should be played at venues that are aesthetically conducive to good viewing and not an open embarrassment to us all.

Well, I agree with him and of course he is absolutely right too anyway. Some of the venues look like a large potato or cabbage patch similar to the one that exists at the Ghana Football Associations’ own Pram Pram School of Excellence which is not a pretty sight at all and I guess one of the reasons why the Senior National Team will never ever go there for camping!

Columnist: Agyemang, Nana Kwaku