Twum-Boafo Goofed

Wed, 10 Jul 2013 Source: Daybreak

The Chief Executive Officer of the Freezones Board Kojo Twum-Boafo goofed last weekend when he claimed that DAYBREAK is owned by Ken Kuranchie, Editor of The Searchlight, now languishing in an unknown prison, after he fell foul of the law of contempt and had the Supreme Court of Ghana gavel fall on his head.

Phone calls to DAYBREAK after the claim was made by the CEO on Alhaji and Alhaji, a popular current affairs programme on Radio Gold, compelled the owners of the paper to come out to deny the story.

Whilst the Editor of DAYBREAK may have worked with Ken Kuranchie before, the two fell out and separated purely on matters of principle.

DAYBREAK is published by Prah Investment and was registered with the National Media Commission (NMC) on September 30, 2010. It is registered a sole proprietor business under the Registration of Businesses Act, 1962, (No.151)

Twum-Boafo therefore goofed. Any other person holding an opinion similar to Twum-Boafo may also have goofed, but this is intended to set the records straight.

Even when the host attempted correcting him by trying to elicit from him whether he had checked the fact, he persisted. He may have said it without malice, but the harm may also have been done. Someone in a capacity that requires of him to be neutral and independent certainly decided on that score to be political and mischievous – which is not good for Democracy and impartiality from sources like Freezones Board CEO.

We are also told he said DAYBREAK is financed by a certain Colonel Damoah. That is also a strange conjecture. Nobody on this paper has ever met Damoah or his agent. DAYBREAK strives to come out only once a week and that is evident of a business struggling to survive – without bending the knee to any political entity or individual whim.

If the FZB CEO has cash to support DAYBREAK for a month only, we welcome it in the name of Democracy and not influence. And for the harm he caused us on Radio Gold, it will be nice if he retracts. We all get it wrong, sometimes.

Columnist: Daybreak