U.S. president Oboma lied to Ghana.

Tue, 19 Jan 2016 Source: Yiadom, Boakye

President Barack Oboma of the United States has lied to Ghana about the credibility of the two terrorist criminals already in Ghana. The American President did not give Ghana the full information on the two terrorist criminals who are now described as detainees. What is the reason for their detention? What is the classified information on each so-called detainee? The U.S. is rubbishing the answers under carpet.

The hopeless security agencies of Ghana are still struggling with ARMED ROBBERY. How much more terrorism? Ghanaians must force Mahama to send the terrorists back to America. Nigeria, the largest country in Africa with very large military, is also struggling to overcome Boko Haram, a terrorist organisation, which has destroyed many families.

U.S. information Officer Sarah Stealy, trained to defend the policies of her government, has refused to comment on the classified document on the two dangerous and terrorist criminals compiled in 2007. Her flimsy excuse is that U.S. has a long standing policy, which does not permit her to comment on documents allegedly leaked.

The Information Officer claims “U.S. trusts Ghana’s security to deal with ‘SMALL’ threat posed by two Guantanamo Bay detainees”. Has the U.S. tested the security of Ghana and found it to be capable? It is therefore an admission of fact that the two terrorists have not reformed and are capable of fomenting problems in their new sanctuary.

The leaked document from the U.S. assessed Mahmud Umar Muhammad Bin Atef and Khalid Muhammad Salih Al-Dhuby as dangerous.

The December 28, 2007, document leaked by the New York Times newspaper and U.K. Telegraph revealed Bin Atef “served as a fighter in the UBL’s 5th Arab Brigade” and travelled to Northern Afghanistan to fight on the front lines in Konduz.

Bin Atef has also led a detainee’s unrest at Guantanamo Bay and once threatened to slit the throat of U.S. citizens, if ever released. Did Ghana’s President Mahama forget to ask for the background check but accepted the face value of what the Americans said to the Ghanaian negotiators?

President Mahama has demonstrated his incompetence and breached the 1992 constitution to allow the two terrorists into our quiet and peaceful state of Ghana. This is a clear indication of President Mahama’s careless about the people in particular and the nation in general. The incompetent and clueless Mahama has put at risk the Ghanaian Hospitality which past and present leaders excluding President Mahama, have cherished dearly.

Every intelligent security agency of any civilized nation will first ask for the background check of any person wanting, requesting or asking for a stay in a particular country.

Before the advent of Oboma Administration, he told the Americans and the world he would have all the criminals at Guantanamo Bay Detention Centre tried by the Civil Courts of America and close the detention centre.

Since the separation of powers work in the United States, the Congress and the populace refused the request of Oboma on his assumption of office. The people wondered where the terrorists will be kept for their trials.

President Oboma has been fighting tooth and nail to get these criminals out of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Centre to accomplish his aim of closing the Centre.

There are still more than 130 detainees languishing at the centre. President Oboma should have known by now it’s a hard nut to crack before he leaves office.

This will be one of the major or cardinal flops or failure of promises his administration made to the people of America.

Source: Dr. Boakye Yiadom

Columnist: Yiadom, Boakye