UCF Leaders Must Unite As One Group Or Perish.

Fri, 17 Jan 2014 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

If the launching of the 31st December Revolution caught popular support at the end of 1981, it was not an accident at all.

The revolution was popular because active June Four Cadres including this writer penetrated the workplaces, hamlets, cottages, villages and our Uniformed Cadres also penetrated the Military and Police barracks by eluding the prying eyes of the dreaded Military Intelligence (MI) operatives then directed by Lt. Col. Annor Odjidja who ordered his men to shoot and kill June Four members on sight right from 30th September 1979 to 30th December 1981. As June Four members who belonged to the ‘’CLUB’’ we slept with villagers inside their grass huts, slept in village class rooms and held meetings with the villagers and when everybody heard that there was going to be a Revolution, they promised their support but we were extra careful about the Military Intelligence (MI) operatives who paid people for information about the movements of June Four members between 1979 – 30th December 1981.

We even received a great deal of support from the Youth Wing of Limann’s PNP – a party then in government when there was a power struggle in both the RULING PARTY and THE THEN OPPOSITION PARTIES that had taken precedence over the welfare of the MASSES and THIS SAME THING IS NOW HAPPENING WITHIN THE UNITED CADRES FRONT (UCF) as INFIGHTING HAS BEEN INTENSIFIED MORE THAN EVER. Whom do the leaders think they are fooling as they throw their weights about in the corridors of power in Accra?

Cadres joined the Revolution in 1982 with ‘’Charlie wotes’’, and returned with bare feet, the unlucky ones paid dearly with their lives but the Revolution succeeded and CREATED AN OPENING FOR REAL DEMOCRACY, that is Government of the people, by the people, and for the people. This is what all True Cadres must be defending as well as throwing their support behind every speech by J.J. Rawlings and the President of the Republic of Ghana and not indulge in power struggles and infighting.

As if the people of Ghana were waiting for the call for a Revolution by Chairman Rawlings in 1981, Defense Committee quickly sprang up at all levels of our National Life, in the cottages, hamlets, villages, towns, in the factories, barracks, workplaces and made their presence felt in all aspects of national life as New Organs of popular power.

Most of the remaining surviving cadres are still strong and healthy enough to take up appointments in government or the public boards and corporations – but the system is very choked. Our adult children have all completed school but have NO JOBS because the system is very choked.

Therefore, the power struggles and infighting currently going on within the UCF leadership have BLOCKED ALL SUCH OPPORTUNITIES EVEN IF THEY EXIST IN THE SYSTEM.

Are these UCF leaders telling cadres, I mean the young cadres that the 31st December Revolution encouraged power struggles, infighting, back biting and selfishness? The answer is capital NO – and of so, why should there be a power struggle and infighting among the UCF leadership?

If they were to be in the shoes of President Mahama, will they take the UCF leaders serious at all? The answer again is capital NO – so who is destroying who within the UCF?


When I left AGA Ltd on 21st December 2003, I worked hard within the NDC in Obuasi until we won power through a Run – off in 2009, a man contested Parliamentary elections unopposed as an MP for Obuasi on the ticket of the NDC and lost and so he was appointed an MCE by the late President Mills. This man was only an NDC sympathizer without an NDC membership card until the acquired one in 2007.

When you put a uniform on a goat, it will behave strangely because it has never worn the uniform before. That is why when a political novice is given an appointment, he treats all those whose hard work in the party that led to his appointment as his enemies and decide to assist people from the apposition party with JOBS and CASH because of ingratitude. I can cite more than hundred such characters since the PNDC era in 1982 to date 2014.

On becoming an MCE, he set eyes on me and even bragged that I will get a job over his DEAD BODY – I replied him that Positions are not Possessions – so he will leave the NDC in Obuasi and myself behind and it came to pass – he has been replaced by the President with a BETTER MCE who is respectful and political matured, after the Former MCE destroyed the great NDC in Obuasi. I proved to him that it was NOT FOR POSITIONS that some of us supported the Revolution but it was for the sake of Mother Ghana.

Dishonest cowards cannot become good political leaders in any country. If you turn yourselves into leaves because of power struggle and infighting within the UCF, you will be EATEN BY GOATS, which is a natural thing.

When I was a miner working at the Obuasi mine, the highest position I ever occupied in the NDC government was an Appointment As a Board member of the Ghana National Fire Service by President Rawlings in 1998 and that was all, but I continue fighting on all the time. We constantly stood UNITED BEHIND the PNDC Chairman Rawlings during the 31st December Revolution 32 years ago amidst weekly coup attempts by Dissidents until we entered the Fourth Republic in 1993.


The PNDC Chairman contested the general elections and beat the late violent short man called Professor Adu Boahen in 1992. Cadres stood solidly united behind Rawlings again until he completed his 8 year term as President of the Republic of Ghana in the year 2000 where Mr. J.A. Kufuor led the violent prone NPP to victory by default because of Rawlings’ long stay in power. I am therefore URGING ALL TRUE CADRES OF THE UCF TO UNITE SOLIDLY BEHIND PRESIDENT MAHAMA TO FULLY PERSUE THE BETTER GHANA AGENDA because he is the Cadres’ Last chance in Ghana.

Out of the 9 men who struck on 31st December 1981 not even one of them was a member of the PNDC. They preferred staying in the back ground and still playing an effective role up to date 2014.

That particular MCE refused to even make me an Assembly Appointee, but I called his bluff – because a Revolution is a Revolution you either believe it or not.

For 21/2 good years, June Four Members felt un – easy with the Military Intelligence (MI) always on our backs all the time, so we later came to accept that they (MI) were just there to MAKE LIFE UNBEARABLE FOR US. They would let you see that they are after you to kill. It was just like if you MOVE, they also MOVE. Therefore, if I went through all these hellish situation, and a political novice happens to get an appointment as an MCE and decide to destroy my reputation and political career in order to show me where power lies, he must be one of the biggest jokers that I have ever seen in Ghana. He lied through his teeth and dragged me to the National Security accusing me of RATHER destroying the great NDC in Obuasi but intelligence reports proved otherwise. He did this to me and was expecting my people (the Northerners) in Obuasi, to vote for him to become a Member of Parliament because he thought he could insult the intelligence of Northerners and get away with it. He thought he was punishing me alone, he never knew how angry my people were against him. Let him come back and try again since he believe falsely that Positions are Possessions in government. The 31st December revolution was like a FESTIVAL DAY for the suffering people, the un-employed and the exploited naturally, if you know how to have sex with your wife, you can not claim to know it better than your father in law, whose wife gave birth to your wife – Cadres must point out the mistakes of Party Executives and support progressive appointees and stand firm even in hunger and extreme poverty to remain steadfast and principled in the face of Hatred and Treachery through arrogance and extreme greed by some few MMDCE’s as happened to me in Obuasi for the past 5 years. That is the spirit of June Four, and the Spirit of the 31st December Revolution as that MCE was exposed as a dishonest liar in his dealings with me. I proved to him that ‘’June 4 and the 31st December Revolutions constitute important land marks in the liberation of our minds in our psychological preparedness to fight our EXPLOITERS and OPPRESSORS. Let me remind those UCF leaders that, the 31st December Revolution aimed at ensuring that power is exercised by THE PEOPLE organized from the GRASS ROOTS. Why did those cadres in Accra organize elections at the TOP instead of the grassroots in the Districts and Zones? If the interim UCF executives were NOT prepared to conduct such elections for 3 years what prevented these UCF members who wanted positions and quick elections from ignoring those Interim Executives and rushing down to organize UCF elections at the Zonal and District levels nationwide?

You see, the danger is that there already exist an identifiable Elite whose mis – education and mis-orientation have made them to believe that the system is the ONLY POSSIBLE way of exercising a democratic society. If your are a Political Leader, you must be TRUEFUL TO YOURSRLF and YOUR GOD.

I have no job; I am not paid to write the articles I have been writing since 1984 to date 2014 because I always write to provoke DEBATE and not to serve the interest of any person or group of persons nationwide.

I went through Hell and even though my party is in power, I still go through a MINI HELL because of these nasty state of affairs like the unproductive infighting and needless power struggle among UCF members in Accra and I feel it is high time I call them to order because thousands still go to bed hungry even though the Better Ghana Agenda is on course. These power struggle and infighting among the UCF cadres in Accra mean that they are NOT READY TO UNITE and assist the President to achieve the Better Ghana Agenda since they are only interested in occupying undeserved positions within the cadre corps – including some party positions while UCF members at the grass root live in suspense. What are you people going to tell the Young Cadres that you are supposed to train to take over from us? Are you going to train them the art of power struggles and the art of infighting within the UCF or what? Are you now training stomach politicians, opportunists bootlickers including back bitters and people equipped with Pull Him Down degrees as the future Young Cadres to take over from us or what?

Let me finally remind the UCF leaders in Accra that President Mahama’s administration is the CADRES LAST HOPE – you must help him to succeed by UNITING YOURSELVES OR PERISH.

The late President Mills unsuccessfully decided to do away with the Rawlings Factor between 2009 to 2012 when he died unfortunately. It is the current President who has recognized the cadres and gave them assignments to undertake since 2012 and you are fighting like crabs among yourselves – How sad. Posterity will not forgive you if you destroy the UCF. During times of Universal Deceit, telling the TRUTH becomes a revolutionary act, and you must know that without the support of the people, all Appointees are NOTHING.

He who controls the past, controls the FUTURE, and he who controls the PRESENT controls the PAST. What is wrong is wrong EVEN if everybody support it, and what is RIGHT is RIGHT EVEN IF Nobody support it. It is in our own collective interests to UNITE as a single group of Cadres or Perish through this infighting and Power struggle that will take us No where. For 31 years after the 31st December Revolution, Enough is Enough ! Is anybody listening? I shall return when the need arise. I am done ‘’Jaanbie Iwaii – Aluta Continua!







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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement