USA to Support Ghana on Gay Rights Legislation

Wed, 9 Oct 2013 Source: Bonna, Okyere

:Will Ghana be a Judas?

Is Africa, indeed ready to embrace the Gay- Agenda? Or is just Ghanaian

leaders who are more than ready to sell the conscience of Africa? The

Assistant Secretary of the US Bureau of African Affairs Linda

Thomas-Greenfield - in her interview with Ghana's Daily Graphic newspaper is

noted to have said, United States is working with Ghana on gay rights

legislation. The report went on to say that USA is "prepared as with very

strong values in this area (i.e. LGBT) to work with countries in Africa to

help them develop legislation that will provide human rights to its

people.'(Potts, Andrew October 7, 2013, on Gaystar News) This statement

comes after repeated rejections of Africa to uphold gay rights laws in

various African States. Except for South Africa no African nation has

welcomed the idea of gay rights legislation for cultural issues.

It is now acknowledged that Ghana is the gate way to Africa.

Therefore gay activists and the Obama administration know very well that

once it is able to push the Gay Agenda on Ghana, Africa will be forced to

embrace it. That being the case gay activists will have no problem bribing

any Ghanaian official to condone and connive. But will Ghana be a Judas?.

Especially giving the weak moral values of our current leadership and the

thirst for wealth one can assume the latter, unless the people stand up for

their own beliefs. This could not and would not happen under Late

President's Mills' watch; so why should it happen under President John

Mahama's watch?

It is very unfortunate that the Mahama administration of Ghana

would entertain such proposals. The idea simply disrespects and betrays the

good fight waged by late President Mills. It also ignores and denies the

wishes of Ghanaians; at least the majority. It is pathetic that the

Mahama-led administration would even contemplate a Constitutional Review

Commission on this matter unless some handouts have changed hands and weaken

the moral values of the nation of Ghana.

To pooh-pooh the strong moral stand of Late President Mills and

the people of Ghana and connive with the US to impose LGBT on Ghanaians is

very disappointing to Africa as a whole. The reports strongly suggest the

current administration is playing some underhand games with the morality of

the nation. According to the report, a Constitutional Review Commission was

recommended in July 2012 that the Ghana's Supreme Court should decide the

issue of whether homosexuality should be legalized.

This is contradictory to the facts. There could be no suggestion

or a recommendation by any national authority, when the then President of

Ghana, Prof Atta Mills had come out publicly to strongly condemn and oppose

the practice. at the same time in 2012 when the said Commission purportedly


Unfortunately many think the US is pro-gay. That is false. Only

some few people support the idea. In almost 90 percent of the cases in US it

is the courts that impose LGBT rights on the states. When California of all

places in US wisely rejected Proposition 8 in a referendum, the Gay

activists found a way to bribe the courts to overturn the wishes of the

people. This is not a matter for an elite group that could easily be

corrupted to decide.

The courts have been found to be the best conduit to honor the

wishes of the rich and famous minority in a democracy. Let the people of

Ghana decide in a referendum not a Constitutional Review Commission, if the

government is sincere. There are far more pressing and urgent social and

economic issues that Ghana should be concerned to spend money on and commit

to than this. What about energy issues, education and creation of jobs in

the country?

The only way the people could be sidetracked is when a bribe

has already been taken. Ghana cannot copy United States blindly and allow

the courts to impose their views on the nation. It is highly undesirable for

any government officials to fatten their pockets and fulfill the wishes of

some imperialists against the wishes of the people of Africa in general and

Ghana in particular. The NDC-Mahama-led-government cannot betray Ghana in

the name of the Supreme Court.

For the NDC- Mahama-led-government to suggest using the tax

payers' money to impose what they (the people) abhor and detest is

irresponsible and an affront to our democracy. Where are the principles


According to General News the Assistant Secretary of the US Bureau of

African Affairs has urged African nations to respect the rights of LGBT

people and has offered to assist Ghana in strengthening its commitment to

non-discrimination. It is indeed a noble thing to treat all people equally

irrespective of gender, life style or creed. But it is another thing to

ignore principles and culture for the detriment of all. The reaction of the

people shows that Ghana and for that matter Africa is not ready for this

mess. The opinion polls have labeled the Ghanaian government or officials

fronting this gay agenda as hypocrites. The people of Ghana strongly

believe there are lots of more urgent needs of Ghana (and Africa) that the

United States and the so called big nations can support Ghana (and Africa)

at this time than gay rights legislation. Once again the public opinion has

shown a strong disgust at any collaboration with the US to import LGBT on

Ghanaians. Let the leaders of Ghana listen to the voices of the people NOT

their pockets and stomachs.

Okyere Bonna




Columnist: Bonna, Okyere