Opinions Wed, 17 Mar 2010

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Under A Rainbow Sky In Ghana

The rain is pouring

Yet the land is dry

The rivers are flowing

But not to the sea

The birds are singing

Yet silence fills the air

The music plays

But not to a dancing feet

The land is happy

Yet its people live in tears

The flowers bloom

But not for a bride's groom

Clarity fades

When confusion preaches doom

Angels would surely take flight

When devils fail to make room

The air is silky soft

But it hardens a man

The sun is shimmering bright

Yet the heart grows heavier by the day

Equal opportunity for all

Or is it equal opportunity for some

A woman is sure pretty

But not to a man's broken heart

The night paints the sky black

Soon the dreamers would be back

A new day is promised

But not until I retire my worrying mind

May I wake up happy

May I wake up less sorrowful

May I wake up with the knowledge

That hope is worth the bargain

Silence is golden

So I would let my eyes do the talking

Life is fair

So I would not despair

Maybe one day

Somewhere not that far away

We shall all feast

Under a rainbow sky in Ghana

Columnist: The Royal Enoch

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