RE: A memo to Akufo-Addo and his irresponsible ministers

Fri, 8 Dec 2017 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

I was saddened by the farcical verbosity of the article by Manasseh Azure ranting along about the President and his Ministers.

In fact, it looks like his sedentary job behind the desk is damaging his otherwise fine-tuned mind. I am surprised that someone, who is supposed to know better as Manasseh would drop below the belt to punch the genitalia of persons in a verbal attack that pains not the skin, but causes befuddlement not needed in our drive towards achieving the desired results in astute governance as we see clearly happening on a day to day basis.

He shot himself in the foot when he owned up that the authorities of the Kumasi Academy hid the news of the death of two students from the President “in order not to mar the celebrations”, as he said. Now I ask him, “Manasseh, in this case who is insensitive to the plight of the horrified students and parents?”

You see, everyone knows that the president would never have graced the celebrations of the school had he been told about the calamity. The 11 deaths were really a very painful loss to the parents and the nation, but it would seem to me that the authorities of the school are culpable for not addressing the situation with the attention that it urgently deserved. That is the lackadaisical manner by which such lazy people treat issues.

So if anyone is irresponsible, he must strike at the school administration before blaming “110” Ministers. Besides, his unrestrained accusation that all 110 were at the funeral of the late Asantehemaa was as irresponsible as the useless memo that he wrote. In fact, why do I have the feeling that he is beginning to implement an agenda for some unseen forces.

Is he doing it for the NDC or some other enemies of progress? He must be acting like Omanhene Kwabena Asante, who seems to be making unfriendly noise with his malignant insinuations against the government. I don’t give a damn about their attitude, which is nothing more than that of the dancing cobra people think is tamed by the tune of the Indian flute. It will strike faster than you can imagine if you dare get close.

And they are the slithering cobra in a camouflage that is beginning to wear off. Manasseh appeared to be that calm kid on the block who was welcomed by unsuspecting neighbours only to be smitten by an ego that continues to bloat. Let me ask him who the irresponsible ministers are.

Are they the ones who get to their offices very early and leave very late? Are they the ones that are fighting to ensure that his children get free quality education? Are they the ones that are moving heaven on earth to ensure that the nation’s finances resurrect after the NDC killed the coffers?

Are they the ones that have breathed life into a dead NHIS, which incompetent John Mahama put into comatose? Are they the ones that are trying to bridge the towns and villages of Ghana with a viable railway system? Are they the ones that have taken us out of NDC’s dumsor to the point where we actually boast of surplus electricity, which we are beginning to export? Are they the ones that are managing a robust one 'district one factory' initiative for the benefit of all? Are they the ones that are holding the government in place?

Are they the ones that are overseeing the affairs of the military that takes care of our safety and security, and defend the nation, too? Are they the ones that are promoting the nation on the international stage, making Ghana an attractive destination for the investor and the tourist? Are they the ones…are they the ones….are they the ones???

Shame on Manasseh for the blight that his article smacked off. In fact, the rabid attack only served to expose an agenda that is making debut; but who is behind it? That is the question! If the President did not care about the nation, he would have handled us just as John Mahama did!

If the President didn’t care about the student’s welfare, he would not have personally intervened in the matter of applying pressure on the research centers to identify the root cause of the poltergeist disease causing the pandemonium at Kumasi Academy!! If the President did not care about the feelings of parents and survivors, he won’t be at the doorstep of every house with arms wide open to offer consolation and support as evidenced by his reactions towards several instances of painful human loss. Now this last statement is a figure of speech lest the fictitious characters of the NDC try to act livid.

So Manasseh Azure, calm down, boy. You even admitted that you are a small boy having finished SHS not too long ago. Please that is according to your ranting, or has your agenda put you in a trance? I am not putting words in your mouth. I am only trying to find a slot to settle you in with the amateurs of the NDC. #NanaCares

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi