Unity after conflict: The story of the NDC

Thu, 28 Apr 2016 Source: Hayford, Kofi

In 2012 the NDC was faced with the greatest internal conflict ever in the history of this country when a sitting President was challenged and made to contest in the presidential primaries just so he can justify his capability to run on the ticket of his party. The party was divided , things were said and done , even our opponents nicknamed it "THE FONKAR GAME". The worst happened when our flagbearer passed on to the next world to be with his maker barely 5 months to the general elections.

That notwithstanding , the beauty of democracy in our party was exhibited when , even after the primaries , the party was able to pull itself together to form a formidable campaign machinery that won the 2012 general elections. It was as if a healing process had been sanctioned by the Almighty Himself. Elders of the party who had defected even long before the "civil war" decided to return home to find shelter under the great umbrella of hope.

We welcome H.E Dr. J. J. Rawlings, Mr. Goosie Augustus Obuadum Tanoh, Mr. Bede A. Ziedeng , Dr Obed Asamoah, Mr. Kofi Adams, just to mention a few, with our arms wide opened with love. Even though we regret the defection of illustrious women like, our former First Lady Dr. Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, Miss Frances Essiam, and Madam Grace Omaboe (aka Maame dokono) we believe strongly that the love and bond displayed by the majority that are still on our side will attract them to also come back home and find solace under the great umbrella of hope.

Indeed, it is evident that the likes of Bede ziedeng, Kofi Adams and Goosie Tanoh are playing various important roles in our current campaign . At this point I believe that I can boldly say that the success of the NDC has always been based our strength in numbers that was rightly conveyed in our 2012 campaign motto which is PEOPLE MATTER YOU MATTER. Our General Secretary is still the most independent minded politician in the history of this country. Our flagbearer is still yet to even be accused of meddling in party affairs . In Fact, the separation of powers practiced between the government and its own party is a model that has to documented for other parties to study.

In contrast , The NPP has shown its inability to unite it ranks . An affront to democracy has been established by a controversial dismissal of three of its senior-most elected officials (an act that is being contested in court). After close to 10years, the NPP has not been able to heal the wounds inflicted on itself during their presidential primaries which saw about 17 aspirants competing to lead the party . The crack is so deep that it has metamorphosed into violence against their own people. We have heard about acid attacks , vandalism and quite recently an attack on a member of their own communication team by a "macho man" who has allegedly made some confessions.

My fellow Ghanaians , this year's election is not about your tribe, your parents' choice, or heresy but rather, it's really about what you have seen and experienced as the basis to tell who is capable of providing what is needed. It is a choice between a leader who has been unable to unite his people after a normal internal conflict and another leader who is enjoying the support of a united party . Since unity is strength , we need a united party to keep our United Ghana together . This has been shown in the even spread of social and economic infrastructural projects which are being witnessed in areas all over the country. In 2012 we told you that PEOPLE MATTER YOU MATTER and that is why H.E John Dramani Mahama has taken the time to respectfully and humbly ACCOUNT TO THE GOOD PEOPLE OF GHANA through visits and commissioning of the various projects. In 2016 we are therefore asking you to base your decisions on what you have seen and experienced to once again allow your HUMBLE President to CHANGE LIVES AND TRANSFORM GHANA.

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Columnist: Hayford, Kofi