Unleashed to Disintegrate the NPP

Sun, 7 Sep 2014 Source: Dabbousi, Fadi Samih

Alan and his loudmouths cheat, lie and deceive

By: Fadi Samih Dabbousi

The egregious lies that are spewed by Katakyie Opoku Agyemang are beginning to take their toll on the uncongenial character of Alan Kyeremanten. It is rather unfortunate that such ineffable style of campaign which smacks of sheer chicanery is nothing but a reversal of any progress that the latter might have made over the years in terms of popularity and support.

On another note, the very credibility of Katakyie Opoku Agyemang is questionable, being in absolute disrepute. Someone of his sort cannot be trusted to speak anything except lies and filth. Accusations from London are making the rounds that at a point in time, he was stranded and found wanting for the basic elements of survival. The NPP comrades in the UK at the time raised funds to facilitate his return to Ghana with decency and dignity having convinced them that he was going to invest in agriculture.

Upon his return to Ghana, as is characteristic of unruly and deceitful people, he squandered the money on women, booze and other illicit behaviour, as snippets of information we obtained from reliable sources abroad began to make the rounds.

This is the character of such an indecorous person, who at all cost wants to tarnish and destroy the hard earned reputation of Hon Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo. Sadly, we are in the epoch of incivility where vagabonds are looked up to because they are clothed in suit and tie or because they are deemed belonging to the elite in society for wielding a nice fake watch or a copper bracelet many mistake it for gold.

Little does he understand that times have changed and the events of twenty years ago are not comparable to today and similarly the events of today cannot be compared with those precedent twenty years from now. Ok, at the time when JJ Rawlings was in power, his thirst for might and blood was insatiable and as such, certain strategies had to be drawn up to strip him off power. However, today, events that have unfolded since 2008 until now have sharpened the status quo of current politics so much so that specific factors are inculcated in the measure of issues to arrive at the appropriate decisions in the best interest of all. It is for this and many more pertinent reasons that NPP delegates are in full support of Hon Nana Akufo-Addo to be the falgbearer of our party in order to lead us to Victory in 2016. Does Katakyie not know that Nana’s name is sung everywhere in Africa and the world at large?

We have a government that seems to be conniving with some hoodlums within our party. The suspects have being pointed out while Katakyie, Hilda, Rita and Ohene Ntow are direct beneficiaries of same should the allegations be confirmed. The tape, in which Ibrahim Mahama is said to be on record having vouched to destroy the NPP through some stalwarts within, just emphasises the suspicion around Alan Kyeremanten, after all NDC members are seen campaigning massively for him. Even a group from the ruling government by the name NDCTalkTrueGroup came out with their infamous scandalous press release to the effect that Alan was seen taking one million US Dollars in cash from John Mahama at a house in Adjiringanor, East Legon.

So who is deceiving who? And this liar Katakyie has the audacity to spew his indecorous statements that only confirm, affirm and reaffirm the fact that he is lacking in charity. Since it is said “charity begins at home”, we cannot but conclude that his home was a stranger to that trait of good upbringing. The shenanigans that are inherent in him, which he visited upon good Ghanaians in the UK, are becoming too rusty and Alan should quickly bring him to book. Maybe, if he does not get any more bones, his teeth will become blunt and they will not have an adverse effect on the apostate, Mr Cash, which is, really, what the case is.

But why is Alan misbehaving when he actually is not an NPP member. Someone who is well-known for his defecting strategies cannot be trusted with the fortunes of this nation. Even the indecorous Alhaji Bature has confirmed to the whole world that Honourable Nana Akufo Addo is incorruptible. The whole world can vouch for Nana’s honesty, so who is deceiving who? How can Alan be compared to Nana? How can a cockroach be compared to a Cockerel? How can an antelope outrun a leopard?

It does not take a wise person to realise that in a race between Alan and Nana, it can never be dubbed “the Clash of The Titans” because there is actually no competition at all. Even a fool will recognise the shameful defeat that awaits Alan at the hands of Hon Akufo-Addo, which the respectable delegates are going to manifest via the power of the thumb come 18th October, 2014.

Alan, your time is nigh and you will reap the fruit from hell that is being sown by katakyie and others. Take a cue from past events for there is always thunder in dark and ominous clouds, like the ones you heard roar across the nation in the August 31st Special delegates College.

This time around, I will not tell you “A Word to the Wise” because I know you are adamant and recalcitrant. You will be taught your lesson in due course and then you can weep on the smelly shoulders of Katakyie.

#IAmForNana #SheNanaSheiBawumia

Fadi Samih Dabbousi

Alert Ghana C&MN

Columnist: Dabbousi, Fadi Samih