Unlocking your career as an accountant : The way forward

Wed, 19 Jul 2017 Source: Solomon Solari Sarpong.

Accounting has evolved from the traditional way of doing things due to the changing needs of the society and the culture we find ourselves today. This poses a lot of threat to accountants. Therefore, accountants are expected to adapt to these changes and make conscious efforts in order to live up to the expectation of their employers and also to remain competitive in the industry.

It is obvious that ICT is gradually occupying the work of most accountants due to the fact that most prospective accountants feel reluctant to take advantage of these changes by developing new strategies and new ways of doing things to suit modern demands of the society. We shouldn't forget that a robot can be doing your job today but it doesn't have the mind to create or introduce new ideas or modern ways of doing things. It is by this that prospective accountants are expected to be creative and innovative.

Employers also expect to see so much in a prospective accountant seeking for employment than just holding the certificate. It is best to have the qualification but employers are more interested in people who can go a little mile beyond the A4 sheet we mostly term as a degree. Having just the qualification isn't enough to convince the employer to give you the job.

Thus, employers are looking for accountants who can tell the story behind the numbers. No wonder if an economy is collapsing today, you need an accountant to tell you measures to put in place to ensure that the problem is resolved.

Apart from the qualification, employers would want to employ people who have good communication skills,have a sense of career, good problem solving skills,good leadership skills,candidates who have broader perspective of global mindset and also be abreast with current business information both locally and globally. These are the strategies to unlock your dream job.

I believe strongly that you will take a critical look at these few points to enhance your career.

Columnist: Solomon Solari Sarpong.