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Thu, 11 Apr 2013 Source: Dekportor, Mensah

Basically, the real meaning of patriotism is people having or showing great love, defense and support for their country. I believe strongly that, the christening of National Patriotic party was based upon this unique meaning. However, it baffles me that, the conduct of the New Patriotic Party flagbearer Nana Akuffo Addo and the NPP since the declaration of the results of the 2012 elections has clearly demonstrated that the word “Patriotic “ in the party’s name means nothing to the generality of its leadership and members. Patriotism implies a love for one’s country such as would guide one to engage in conduct that seeks to preserve national unity, cohesion and national interests above parochial interest including even party interests. Therefore conduct such as the clamour for coup detat by certain members and sympathizers of the NPP obviously because they have lost an election and are not in power is unpatriotic and reckless and should be strongly condemned by well meaning Ghanaians.

Likewise conduct such as instigating strike actions and defending labour unions that refuse to follow legal procedures and directives of the Labour Commission and other constitutionally mandated institutions in the country, is certainly unpatriotic.

Conduct and actions of some NPP members who rejoice when there are power outages and water shortages because such incidents make the Government look bad certainly cannot be patriotic in character and should be condemned by well meaning Ghanaians.

Conduct such as disputing election results in court and embarking on “let my vote count” demonstrations across the country and outside Ghana instead of leaving the dispute to be decided by the court is certainly unpatriotic and irresponsible and deserving of condemnation,

Conduct such as NPP MPs boycotting Parliamentary Vetting Committee sittings for the vetting of the President’s nominees for ministerial positions and yet showing up to collect huge rent allowances and fat exgratia and salaries, especially when such boycott is unconstitutional amounts to unpatriotic behavior.

Conduct such as NPP members engaging in reckless abuse of the President and the Electoral Commissioner and calling them thieves when no court has declared them as such is irresponsible and unpatriotic without a doubt.

Conduct such as certain NPP party members making it their preoccupation to paint their country in negative light all over the world and on airwaves in the country and engaging in destructive opposition is certainly unpatriotic and repulsive.

Indeed the list of actions and behavior of some NPP members and some in its leadership lead by Nana Akuffo Addo, Jake Obetsebi Lamptey and Sir John, since loosing the 2012 elections has greatly dented the image of the party and made a mockery of the word “Patriotic” in the party’s name. The NPP in opposition is trying so hard to project itself as a party whose main agenda is to pursue its Party interest as against the national interest and for as long as it pursues this path it shall continue to appeal to its radical core members and sympathizers who can guarantee it electoral victory in 2 regions as happened in the 2012 elections.

The clear message that Ghanaians have sent to all political parties from the 2008 and 2012 elections is that they would only give political power to parties that are nationalistic in orientation and place national interests above partisan interests.

That they would reward parties that consider the national interests and choose the proper forum for dealing with perceived electoral irregularities as opposed to gambling with the stability and destiny of a whole nation by consistently telling their members that there can be only one outcome to a legal dispute.And that outcome is that their flagbearer will be declared winner at all cost by the court, when in fact the responsible and patriotic thing to do is to tell them that they would put in their best effort to present their case and hope that the court agrees with their position and grants a judgment that recommends the Electoral Commission to correct the wrongs that have resulted in their flagbearer loosing the elections if so decided.

If it is the aim of the NPP to stampeed Ghanaians and state institutions into declaring Nana Akuffo Addo winner of the 2012 elections at all cost when in fact the reality does not support that position considering that the NDC has a formidable 30 seat majority in Parliament, then that aim is reckless and unpatriotic and is bound to cost them in electoral fortunes and credibility in future.

Elections and for that matter court cases are not won “at all costs” and should certainly not be fought and won at the expense of national interests especially peace and stability.

Signed: Mensah Dekportor

NDC Germany Communication Director

Email: cmdekportor@gmail.com

Columnist: Dekportor, Mensah