Greed is going to cost NDC the election

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Fri, 2 Dec 2016 Source: Baidoo, Philip Kobina

By Philip Kobina Baidoo Jnr

Ella Wheeler Wilcox, an American poet, once wrote, ‘To sit in silence, when we should protest, makes cowards out of men.’ Human inertia has almost brought the country to the precipice of the abyss, because not many protested in the last election that retained the current government. And they were going to be second time lucky, but their own pigsty attitude has given the game away.

We have come to a point where even the Voltarians have had enough of these group of nation wreckers. It is, therefore, obvious that the December 7 election is a foregone conclusion. The bell is already tolling for the defeat of the president and his cronies of thieves. No amount of propaganda or sweet talk can change the inevitable. Besides, I am only writing this piece to make it total and complete.

There is a saying, here in the UK, that oppositions don’t win elections; incumbents lose them. When Akufo Addo was nominated for the third time as the leader of the main opposition party, I thought NPP was not using her sharpest tool in the box to execute the job at hand.

The events of the last two years have revealed that NPP could have even nominated a monkey as their flagbearer and the forth coming election wouldn’t have been a problem for them. The unmitigated greed of these bunch of out of touch politicians from Mars beggars the imagination. You would think that the mention of the name Woyome will make them cringe and take cover. However, it appears they relish the notoriety of this creepy so-clalled financial engineer who has defrauded the people of Ghana to the tune of GHc51.2 m.

If I was in their shoes, I will make everything possible to ensure that the name Alfred Agbesi Woyome is obliterated from the airwaves and all the media houses. However, their actions are rather the opposite. They could easily get this white collar armed robber whose ammunition is the pen to cough up the 51.2 million booty. But their greed and arrogance stinks to high heaven.

It is unbelievable that as they neglect their duty to retrieve the loot of Woyome’s daylight robbery of the state, they have the incredible temerity to frustrate someone who has the love of country at heart. The relentless crusade of Martin Amidu, whom I think should have the word patriot as his middle name, has kept consistently the Woyomegate scandal on the airwaves, which actually blots their image.

I often wonder, how much is GHc51.2m worth to these people? According to the prima facie evidence, it is truly a peanut. Think about it with unvarnished honesty. If they can inflate the bus rebranding contract worth a couple of hundred thousand to the tune of GHc3.6m, can you imagine how much they will inflate a contract worth millions?

They have got the money to pay what I think is a small change for them, but their unbelievable smugness and contempt for Ghanaians, inadvertently goad them to call the bluff of Martin Patriot Amidu.

The fact is they don’t care a damn about Ghanaians, because they take us for fools. Their assumption is that the Voltarians will never vote NPP neither the Northerners. Well, they can take some of them for granted, but not all. That small minuscule is what makes that world of difference. After all the President won by just 325,863 votes in 2012. Only a slight swing in the North, who have not seen anything good from the SADA project, will tip the scale.

Lastly, it is ironic that while this saga keeps centre stage, I don’t hear those lunatic progressives who hate capitalism, yet feel no shame to make their home in the citadel of capitalism, writing in condemnation of this scorch earth financial mismanagement. They will rather write about unsubstantiated baloney that exist in their twisted imagination.

Thank God, come December 7, they will change their cry, and all their blatant hate for the truth and freedom will be exposed. Undoubtedly, I will give big thanks to their greed; and I am going to love it.

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Columnist: Baidoo, Philip Kobina
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