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Mon, 5 Dec 2016 Source: Sarpong, Justice

By Justice Sarpong

President Mahama is seeking the mandate from Ghanaian voters to elect him for second term because he has performed incredibly better than any administration since independence except maybe President Kwame Nkrumah because of all the infrastructural developments he has done, really? Am I hearing this obdurate Mahama right? Maybe Mr "I CAN'T THINK FAR" has forgotten what he said in 2008 as a Vice President but some of us can think far so let me jog his memory of what he said in 2008.

"If you vote for someone because of schools, hospitals, roads and interchanges, you have a weak mind because it is the governments responsibility"

So folks, what is President Mahama insinuating when he tells us to vote for him because of him building schools, hospitals, roads and interchanges? Is he not telling us we have weak minds? What is the meaning of weak minds? Is he not telling us to vote for him because we are fools, imbeciles, dunderheads, bird brains because that is the meaning of weak minds.

President Mahama speaking at the sod cutting commencement of construction works on the phase II of the Ho Airport, Friday said his government has achieved more within the past three and a half years than the eight years of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

He wondered why in the face of the road projects, small town water systems, electrification projects, and universities, people would be peddling falsehood about his government. He then challenged the Npp to compare its eight years achievements to that of his administration.

Ghanaians, President Mahama will say anything to win power because he has signed a faustian pact with the devil. He needs to maintain power in order to hide or pepper over the numerous scandals his administration has perpetrated on Ghanaians and the corruption he personally with family and friends have engaged in.

He has this false sense of savoir-faire and believe he can sweet talk his way out of any predicament and that is what he is trying to do by trying to maintain his Presidential position to give him time to hide his loot which at the moment is under the care of Roger Agambire in Dubai, UAE.

Maybe President Mahama has this heartsense that, Ghanaians have forgotten the name Agambire and RLG. Agambire is the President's friend who at the beginning of Mahama's administration was getting every contract he wanted and had his hands in the SADA, GYEEDA, school computer supply and other numerous contracts he never executed or half executed and still got paid fully.

When this guy was caught in numerous fraudulent deals and was about to be prosecuted, he reached agrements to pay that money back by proposing payment installments without any interest added. Does it sound familiar? Ibrahim Mahama did the same with his merchant bank loan. Woyome did the same so was the bus branding scandal. They are told the government how they want to pay the money they have stolen from Ghanaian taxpayers back and the government agreed.

Did they even pay back? Nobody knows and these and other secrets Ghanaians are going to find out if this government is voted out is the reason Mahama is fighting like a wounded Tiger to stay on as the President.

In Mahama's administration, if you try to steal and get caught, instead of being prosecuted and sent to jail for fraud and your assets seized, you just reach an agreement with this useless and incompetent government to pay it back and just walk away because that is exactly what Roger Agambire did who immediately after promising to pay Ghanaians back, moved to Dubai to oversee Mahama assets in that country.

Now coming back to Mahama's galimatias talk about comparing his three and half years record to the eight years NPPP administration, I will rather ante the bet to the P/NDC twenty seven (27) years administration to the NPP eight years(8)

When incompetent Mahama talks about achivements, he means the roads, schools, hospitals and the interchanges his administration has done but that in itself as he said I the year 2008 as a Vice President is not an achievement because anybody who can breath given the over $40 billion he has borrowed can do twice what he has done. Borrowing to build roads, schools and hospitals can even be done by Akua Donkor. It does not require any brain power.

Now let's talk about real achievements that require the exercise of brains and that is crafting of policies that affect people daily lives, like NHIS, GYEEDA, MASLOCK, Free school feeding program, Mass transportation system, Free cocoa spraying, Paying old and invalid people monthly stipends, free maternal care, etc.

The discovery of oil by NPP government alone dwarfs all the infrastructure development by this government.

Npp increased our GDP from a mere $3.9 billion to $17.9 billion later rebated to $42 billion. Now this idiotic administration can't even maintain this GDP and now our GDP is falling.

What about inflation? Rawlings left with inflation at 42% and by the time Npp was leaving office, inflation was 18%. How much in eight years have your Ndc reduced inflation? Now inflation is at 16.9%

When Npp was leaving office, the cedi exchange rate was GHc 1.20= $1.00. What is the exchange rate now? Now you need four cedis to get one dollar.

Npp left Office with 9.5 billion cedis national debt. What is the national debt now? 248 billion cedis.

The NPP achievements in eight years dwarfs the 27 years rule of P/NDC

Your government has destroyed Agriculture, Chinese have taken over the country and destroying the environment because of galamsey which this government is not addressing because we have been sold to China because of their loans to Ghana which came with this unemployed criminal China citizens. Corruption is rampant and unprecedented in your useless administration.

NDC call itself social democrats, just tell us three social intervention programs Ndc has implemented in its 27 years rule, useless, incompetent, corrupt and ethnocentric administration with its monumental failure.

It is infra dig for Nana Akuffo Addo to have participated in a debate that had a President who bribed somebody to slander him with ethnocentricism, a government that tells its citizens to worship an interchange is not worth debating.

Ghanaians should vote out this corrupt and incompetent government out on December 7th, 2016 if it wants to recover the billions of dollars which have been stolen by this government in contract overprice and other dubious means.


Columnist: Sarpong, Justice
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