Updating and owning our history

Big Six Arthur A file photo of the 'big six'

Sun, 20 May 2018 Source: Arthur K

So, the British authorities chose to arrest 6 of our leaders after the riots and since then, we have accepted the logic of the "big six"?

Is that evidence of how half-a-century after chasing them out, the British still control our thinking?

Why can't we update and enlarge and OWN our history?

The idea of a FOUNDER is, of course, BULL! Just as a child cannot have one parent, nothing can be founded by one person--not a soccer team, not a University and NOT A COUNTRY!

So, even though I am not a historian, I assert that our founding generation had a "BIG NINE", not a big six.

Here are the three who were omitted:

1: Pa Grant

2: Kobina Arku Korsah

3: Komla Gbedemah

The evidence?

Ask the historians.

They know, if they will shed their neocolonial biases and bear true, nationalistic witness.

From now onwards, stop talking of the big six. Let's talk of the "BIG NINE".

Let's own our history.

God bless Ghana.

Columnist: Arthur K