Ursula: Book Sense Minus Home Sense=Absurdity

Wed, 6 Feb 2013 Source: The Informer


Ursula: Book Sense Minus Home Sense=Absurdity

Education at every level is to offer certain line of thinking and if one is lucky to have education at a higher level, that person is expected to think best and behave maturely.

In Ghana, especially because of our customs and tradition people with formal education are accorded much needed respect in various societies.

However, some people with formal education at the highest level have just decided to ignore what is called ‘Home Sense’ just because they have perpetuated absurdities throughout their lives.

One of such nauseating and obnoxious characters currently in our system is Honorable? Ursula Owusu.

She may have had the benefit of solid formal education at the highest level but she has virtually become a total nuisance because she lacks ‘Home Sense’.

Popularly known as ‘Queen of the Street’, many people thought by becoming a Member of Parliament (MP), Ursula Owusu would check her uncouth ways but she has grown to be more of a nuisance than ever.

Her association with the reckless group of persons under a certain Let My Vote Count Alliance has exposed the MP as the most horrible MP in recent times, who could best be described as an educated illiterate or to borrow the word of the late Speaker of Parliament, Ala Adjetey, an ignoramus.

Although, there were certain equally nauseating MPs before Ursula entered Parliament but she has managed to snatch the Order of Vulture all too soon.

It was expected that with her age and her presence at the August House, she would shed her street life and put on her thinking cap, but no, a decorated Monkey, they say is still a Monkey.

She mounted the platform at Taifa in Accra and made nonsense of common sense by insulting the President and the Chairman of the Electoral Commission (EC) with some young men cheering her buffoonery.

She did it in the past against the late President Mills but after his death she said good things about him and many thought she would be sober and reflective afterwards.

This behaviour should tell Ghanaians that Ursula is aware of everything she does, but has virtually decided to be an irritant within the system throwing caution to the wind.

In all these, people within her party are just enjoying her buffoonery and are urging her pathetic self on.

But truth must be told that the young ones are watching the posturing of our politicians and Ursula is doing herself no good but corrupting the young ones with her dirty posturing and utterances.

Madam, you could decide to be naughty but know that you are now an MP and begin to think and do things like one.

Ghanaians are watching you, so don’t think that you can take advantage of Parliamentary Privileges, reserved for Honourable men and women, and misbehave all in the name of NPP.

Please, to become a pseudo First Lady is not by entitlement, you should have helped Nana Addo to win the elections, but insults and street nonsense took the better part of you.

So stop sulking and respect the status you have now and remember your Constituents expect better from you.

Columnist: The Informer