Ursula Owusu, thank you so much; Could you please help us out?

Sun, 25 Sep 2011 Source: Boateng, Chris Gyamfi

NPP’s Ursula Owusu heralded her presence unto the Ghanaian political landscape through her vulgar and notoriety by being verbally aggressive insulting anyone who doesn’t share in their irresponsible all-die-be-die mantra.

This woman who claims to be in the leadership position of FIDA and therefore expected to lead an exemplarily life as well as be a touch-bearer and a model for young women in this country, doesn’t spare opposing figures with her disrespectful and rude traits; in fact, she has spared no-one with her shameless insults when it comes to the question of NPP’s quest for war, destruction, nation wrecking and polarization instincts. One would have thought that Ursula Owusu’s utterances would be guided by the leadership position she is holding in a reputable organization like FIDA which, among other things seek to champion and espouse for the welfare of women, especially in Ghana where the girl-child education is nothing to write home about and teenage pregnancy as well as cultural decay are on the ascendancy. But nay! The utterances of this woman leave much to be desired and can hardly be looked upon as mentoring women and the vulnerable in society who aspire to improve their lives, building respect for authority figures and norms of our country.

Ursula Owusu recently demonstrated the heights of her irresponsible verbiage not in consonance of her FIDA position by declaring and dubbing men who are not able to cater for their children as enkwasiapanin during a media discussion. Nkwasiapanin in the Akan language could loosely be translated as an irresponsible, lousy or a useless man. Even though she could not muster the courage to mention any names, her NPP listeners who goaded her on insinuated and concluded that she was referring to the president of Ghana, John Evans Atta Mills. There is however, no substantive or empirical evidence to suggest that the first gentleman of the land fits in that definition in any form or shape.

Meanwhile, while Ursula Owusu was denigrating and running her verbal diarrhea, she conveniently forgot that there are at least three of such men in her own backyard and that when it comes to irresponsible men, he-whores and deadbeat fathers, some leading characters in the NPP are second to none. Notable among them are JA Kofi Diawuo Kuffuor, Richard Anane and William Addo-Dankwa Akuffo Addo, the defeated 2008 NPP presidential candidate.

Most Ghanaians would recall that the ex-president of Ghana John Kofi Diawuo Kuffuor was accused by his then economic advisor Gizzle Yatze for having fathered a set of twins with her even though he is a married, communicant Catholic. Ms. Yatze, among other things, accused Kuffuor of being deadbeat father who doesn’t remit the twins he father with her and that the ex-president is also a dysfunctional family head who treats his wife like a piece of trash. The Iraqi-American woman alleges that Kuffuor used his younger brothers as a patsy to front for him as far as the twins are concerned and yet despite these damning revelations, Kuffuor has never denied his sexual escapades and fatherhood of the twins. So Ursula Owusu, who is the kwasiapanin here?

We also have NPP’s Richard Anane who fathered a child with a white woman in Virginia, USA during an HIV conference. Richard Anane admitted during a CHRAJ hearing that he doesn’t personally cater for the child and his mother and that it’s his friends who shoulder that responsibility; Ursula Owusu, do you see the face of okwasiapanin in your “yen Akanfuo party?

Ladies and gentlemen, if the recent Wikileaks’ resports is anything to go by, then we can say without mincing words that Ursula Owusu and Okwasiapanin are synonymous due to her philandering and hanky-panky dealings with Mr. Addo-Dankwa Akuffo Addo. The 2008 defeated NPP candidate is noted to be a womanizer who has fathered about four children with different women. Notable among these children is his wino daughter Gyankromah Akuffo Addo who rammed her vehicle into that of the governor of Bank of Ghana and nearly killed him in one of her moments of drinking spree (like father-like-daughter, ha? Isn’t Akuffo Addo reported to have knocked down an innocent pedestrian and got away with it due his father’s position?).

Paradoxically, what Ursula Owusu is not telling us whenever she embarks on her diatribes is that Akuffo Addo is said to have fathered four children with different women and that not only did he abuse Gyankromah’s mother but he also neglected the Nigerian woman and their children to their fate, leading to her sojourning in the UK. In the UK, because Mr. Addo-Dankwa Akuffo Addo was not remitting the woman and their children, she became a public liability whereby she lived on welfare and food stamps. It looks like Ursual Owusu had Akuffo Addo in mind when she casting aspersion on men. Likewise, Ursula Owusu also had JA Kofi Diawuo Kuffuor and Richard Anane in mind in her okwasiapanin statement and I therefore urge Ghanaians to look no further than her own backyard when looking nkwasiapanin.

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Ursula Owusu for exposing the Nkwasiapanin in her own backyard to us and would also like to implore her to help Ghanaians out but giving us the definition of a divorced woman who is dilly-dallying on other women’s husbands. How do Ghanaians call a cantankerous woman who is a “spare tire” and warm the beds of another woman’s husband?

For the starters, I would like to help Ursula Owusu out since she is busy in the UK “cooling off with Nana” on their way from Germany.

In the Akan parlance, a woman who refuses to get her own husband but has opted to be sleeping with others’ husbands is known in many terms such as gyantranibaa, sansanibaa, kowhini-kosopaawenibaa and tuu-tuunibaa. And in my neck of woods where I live, such women are described as booty-calls, hootchi mamas, wam-bam, thank you ma’m, here is a buck for your bus fare. Is Ursula Owusu married? Does she fit those descriptions above? Is she going to mount a national television program and describe herself as such? You see Ursula Owusu, there is a saying that those who live in glass houses are not supposed to be throwing stones but you, because you lack good upbringing or because you’re deranged and frustrated in life, are oblivious of this time-honored adage and therefore wandering about throwing stones at others’ houses forgetting that yours will be the next. You should learn to be virtuous, sober and put away that silly all-die-be-die T-Shirt if you want to avoid any calamity to befall the country and apologize for your insults before you’re deemed a woman worthy of your sort.

Columnist: Boateng, Chris Gyamfi