Ursula and Gabby, Property owning what Democracy?

Thu, 18 Nov 2010 Source: Appiah, Akwasi

It is refreshing always to hear Ms Ursula debate the NDC counterparts in that she often finds the dead flies in their perfume, which irritates members of NDC, especially NDC leadership. The same argument can be made about Gabby with what he is doing with the Danquah institute as a think tank. They both deserve commendation.

With regard to NPP’s ideology, property owning democracy, I have heard both Ursula and Gabby on many occasions on both radio and TV discussion programs, and their explanation always is flat, incongruent and devoid of passion. They both often quote definitions, which creates disconnect with audiences in that the definition does not resonate passionately with audience thereby creating room for distortions and confusion.

When talking about property owning democracy, there should be a simple narrative to enable audiences form simple positive associations that resonates passionately with them. When one hears NPP and its ideology, property owning democracy, one should immediately form positive associations with words like success, prosperity, freedom, and not some long dispassionate definition, which sounds elitist.

It is laudable to note that numerous scientific data attest to the fact that the political brain is a passionate and not a dispassionate one. Therefore, any political argument or definition which does not vibrate emotionally with constituents is most likely to fall flat. The political brain being an emotional one, explains mainly why NDC in 2008 won 8 out of 10 regions base primarily on lies, which resonated emotionally with voters at the time.

Ghana is a country where majority, about 70% of the people identify themselves as Christians; therefore, there should be a simple narrative to explain property owning democracy, which appeals passionately with voters. What did God promise and blessed Abraham with? LAND. In the words of scripture, “a good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children” again “house and wealth are an inheritance from fathers” I am yet to meet a person who desires not to experience success, prosperity, health, and freedom for himself or herself, and for his or her progeny.

What is the recent brouhaha between Dr. Spio Gabrah and his NDC associates about? Is it not about LAND and HOUSE for the formal President, Rawlings and his family? One can decide to play ostrich, hypocrite or whatever suit ones fancy. One reality is people cut their sleep short, neglect their families, miss birthday parties and other important family occasions, kill, destroy good relationships, or migrate to unfamiliar countries, all in an effort to experience success, freedom, and prosperity. What if there is a political party which desires and believes in creating the environment and atmosphere for its citizens to experience success, freedom and prosperity? It shouldn’t therefore be difficult for NPP to explain its ideology in a fashion that echoes passionately with people, which inhibits distortion and confusion.

Why would the NPP government, under the leadership of President Kuffour introduced school feeding program and national health insurance scheme among other social intervention programs? Because, education and good health are critical to experiencing success and prosperity. A starving student will find it excruciating to think and study effectively; so will a sick individual miss productive time at work and quality time with family and friends. An educated and healthy nation drives productivity, which results in prosperity.

To Ms Ursula, Gabby, and all persons that believe in NPP’s ideology, explain and talk about the ideology in a way that reverberates passionately with your audience. Jonathan Alter said, “logic can convince but only emotion can motivate” Let’s keep in focus that at the end of the day, whether one is part of a radio discussion, TV panel or writing a column piece, the object is to motivate people to vote for your ideology, and the explanation of that ideology better be something that voters can form positive associations and relate emotionally with.

God bless us all and Ghana



Columnist: Appiah, Akwasi