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Mills Last Words, Was That A Suicide Note?

Before you all start throwing darts, arrows and bullets at me, hear me out. In death, President Mills is being made to be what he was not. He was good decent man and his opponents will even admit that but he was not a Saint and the attempts Ndc people are trying to make him to be is even blasphemous.

According to Dr. Cadman Mills, the younger brother of President Mills, our departed President left us a message before his death. It was the same Cadman Mills who said that, President Mills last words before he died was, "I leave it all to you,"

“Before my brother (Mills) died, the last words that he said that I clearly remember is that, he raised his hands in the air and he said ‘God, I leave it all to you, Amen’.

Incredulous how this man has been trying to make his brother what he was not. A man who had a massive stroke attack with blood oozing from his mouth and nose was able to raise both hands and utter those words? When are we going to stop this Mills canonization? It was even alleged that President Mills choke on his own blood because he died alone without anybody around so how did Cadman Mills know that were his last words?

Did Mills really write the words below? Was he aware of his impending doom? Looks to me like a suicide note if Mills really did write that.

The late President, according to a tribute brochure made available at the funeral, had written and signed a message to Ghanaians, christened “everlasting message” before his death. The message reads:

“I came to serve; I have finished my time here on earth and have moved on to everlasting rest and celestial duties with my heavenly Father. “As you leaf through these pages of my life’s story, I pray to God that it touches you in many positive ways.” “Weep not; for I am not dead.” “I am alive and awake in the Lord” “Ghana will not die; Ghana will live to declare the works of the Lord.” “As I rest in the perfect peace in the celestial realms with my Maker, I pledge to always uphold and defend the good name of Ghana” “Remember the Lord in all your ways, and He will protect you” “Stay well my brothers and sisters, for I will always be with you.”

"I have finished my time here on earth". When was he aware his time on Earth has come to an end? I am getting goose bumps reading through the said message. "Weep not; for I am not dead.” Mills sounds like Jesus Christ when he was on the Cross. Whose idea was it to come up with such blasphemous nonsense?

What is Cadman Mills trying to prove? Why do we say things about dead people that are not true just to prop them up and clean their image? Soon they will tell us some people saw Atta Mills coming out of his tomb like Jesus Christ. This is really getting surreal. Now the disgraced Vice-President has joined the praise singers telling tall tales about how a white dove perched on Naadu's car and will not even fly away when the car started moving. With thousands of cameras around, incredulously, nobody has a film about this spectacle.

What is so special about a white dove landing on Naadu's car? We were all watching when they released hundreds if not thousands white doves and I bet you, it was not only Naadus car where some of these doves landed. Do we have a video of this dove on Naadus car when it was moving? We have thousands of cameras and phones that could have captured that scene, does anybody have that video? Even some of thses doves landed among the mourners and were caught. Stupidity is getting out of hand amongst these ndc praise singers.

I will let you digest what a real man of God said about Ghanaians attitude. We are not honest people and are craving for miracles and if we don't get one, then we will fabricate one about the dove Arthur Amissah came up with, what a bunch of sacrilegious yahoos we are.

Ghanaians Are Not So Honest – Heward-Mills Date: 12-Aug-2012

The Head Pastor of the Light House Chapel, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills has called on government leaders and political figures to be truthful in their dealings with the Ghanaian public. According to him, the handlers of the late President John Mills lied to Ghanaians regarding the health of President; a situation he described as needless. He made this known after the burial of the late President Mills at the Geese Park also known as the Asomdwee Park. Sections of the general public and other political parties before the President’s death on July 24 raised concerns about the health status of the President, but these concerns and claims were continually refuted till his death. He said; “I think there is no need to deceive the public, we are all human beings and illness is not anybody’s fault and there was no need to lead us astray and create a context of such a shock.” Bishop Heward-Mills also criticized the way the general public highly praised the late Ghanaian leader “as if he was the most loved and the best leader in everything whereas a few weeks ago he was criticized for everything. This shows that we are not so honest when it comes to what we say and what we show.”

Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas


Columnist: Sarpong, Justice