Opinions Mon, 5 Jul 2010

Use $14million From World Cup Wisely To Improve Sports In Ghana.

Article by Michael Asare.

Nations all over the world have attached much premium to the development of sports. Ghana is of no exception. Development of sports and to be specific soccer has been given much attention in the contemporary times by Governments and all stakeholders. No wonder the 2010 FIFA world cup hosted by south Africa has received much attention by all.

However, apart from the fact that soccer is seen as a game, other pupil see it as an investment. If this assertion is to be heeded to, then lots of resources channelled into it is expected to yield some fruition.

Much credits go to previous governments for improving the standard of sport in the country especially in the field of infrastructure. The most current one that every Ghanaian can attest to is what the immediate past government did by building two new stadia and rennovating the two existing ones as well as putting up a standard training pitches in some part of the country.

As the saying goes Rome was not built in a day, there is more room for improvement. Upon this I suggest that the money obtained from participating in the on-going FIFA world cup in South Africa should be used to establish at least two soccer academies for the country.

I hope that when such academies are built it will improve the level of Ghana's soccer; In the sense that most of our talented players of today lack some basic modern techniques in soccer and therefore if the academies are built it will enable in-coming footballers to acquire the requisite skills in soccer, which will help them to make Ghana proud in the world.

One of the academies can be built in Accra to serve the southern part of the country, namely Greater Accra region, Central Region, Eastern region, Western and Volta Region. While the other one can be established in Sunyani to cater for the remaining regions.

When the academies are managed well, Ghana can get her national players from these instututions and even other sporting clubs in the country and else where can train and get their players from these academies.

Other countries can also come and train their players and also recruit players from these national institutions to give the country some foreign exchange. This at a long round will create employment for the youth who are interested in sports and also improve upon their academic performance.

Moreover a soccer hall of fame can also be managed under these soccer institutions to remember the great works of our gallant soccer heroes who have contributed in one way or the other in promoting Ghana in terms of sports.

Columnist: Asare, Michael