Use Swiss Law Courts To Unravel Mystery

Thu, 20 Jun 2013 Source: Thompson, Kofi

Use Swiss Law Courts To Unravel Mystery Of Supposed Oman Ghana Trust Billions In Switzerland

By Kofi Thompson

Today, global public opinion, including that of political leaderships worldwide, want to see an end to banking secrecy, in tax havens.

For decades, that banking secrecy in tax havens, has enabled corruptly-obtained money around the world, to be salted away in secret offshore bank accounts in tax havens.

The question for patriotic, one-nation Ghanaians is: since the climate is now more favourable, why do the Ghanaian authorities not work together with the Federal Swiss government, to use the law courts in Switzerland, to unravel the mystery of the supposed US$30-plus billions allegedly sitting in a Swiss bank, and which apparently is for the people of Ghana?

Could that cash not be invested in long-term paper in Switzerland itself, on Ghana's behalf, by the bank in which the account is said to be held - and the coupon used to pay some of the interest on Ghana's mountain of foreign debt, and to retire some of that debt at term's end, one wonders?

That will enable the Ghanaian authorities to cut taxes levied on businesses, for example - something which will help them expand and employ more people: who currently are not in paid employment.

Surely, with global public opinion ranged against banking secrecy in tax havens, the time has now come for Ghana to use the Swiss law courts, to enable the government unravel the mystery of the supposed Oman Ghana Trust billions in a bank in Switzerland? A word to the wise...

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Columnist: Thompson, Kofi