Utility Brutality: ‘Power in the Wrong Hands’

Sun, 4 Mar 2012 Source: Alfa, Abdur Rahman Shaban

Originating from the dream of the Osagyefo

Allied with his ambitious plans for the Akosombo

Ghana had decided to go the path of hydro

A resource to lift mother Ghana into a hub

Smashed to pieces with the corruption club

Because a few decided in the dark to stab

From the VRA as the sole resource producer

In focus, ECG; the ailing and choking supplier

At the end of the rot and chaos, the customer

Albeit ideally supposed to be a matter of right

Today’s reality, the average man has to fight

In a tortuous battle aimed at getting this light

Before the ‘lights’ reaches customer’s sockets

Homes and industries are pitch dark caskets

Meanwhile, officials/gorro boys fill their pockets

A major corruption endemic nerve center

Without bribes and shortcuts, a process bitter

All in an effort to get from ECG, a simple meter

With GH¢ 460 million of power spent in default

Indeed, grave wonder is ECG’s financial results

At best my fellow countrymen; all but an INSULT

‘Systemic failures,’ certainly a befitting label

For the many times, power has been unstable

Little wonder, insiders steal and sell ECG cables

The good power supply days remain a recount

Partly because of thousands of ‘closed accounts’

As our power goes waste through theft fount

As key stakeholders of the ECG policy level rod

Worsened ECG financial strain with fees sword

Whatever happened to the company board …

Back from the field with facts, TEAM TIGER EYE

Defaulters run to pay, state coffers heave SIGH

Anas Aremeyaw and co, score marks HIGH

Delivered task called: ‘The President’s Assignment’

Post ‘Enemies of the Nation’: freshest consignment

On all found culpable and complicit, an indictment

© Abdur Rahman Shaban Alfa (Scriptwriter, The President’s Assignment)


- Abdur Rahman Shaban Alfa

Columnist: Alfa, Abdur Rahman Shaban