Valentine’s Day not sex day!

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Tue, 11 Feb 2020 Source: Emmanuel Graham Nyameke

Surely, I am going out there to give myself to my guy. I have waited for long, I am eighteen years old now but I must not keep on being a virgin. As I told my guy “I will hit it to you come Valentin’s Day.”

This was the reply a lady gave to he friend in response to a simple question “what’s up for this Val’s Day?” The world has too many surprises to deal with and will not need any such surprises. Surprise the poor rather on such days.

Yes it is true Valentine’s Day is a day to show love, but that love is not what you have been showing. We turn to poison people when on such a day instead of taking time to counsel our partners, we comfort them with sex. Val’s Day has become for years now the moment some of us want to make a history. You want to make reference to friends when talking about boys or girls stuffs.

“Ah don’t you recall me going naked on Val’s Day the last time” are som of the statements we refer our friends to go and read. Let us instead of giving them bad reference give them the good once which will help them grow. Let’s do the following and see how the world will look like. After all that is what Valentine is all about!

Prior to the Fourteenth day of February, visit the shopping malls and get some stuffs. Then do the following with them:

1. Go to the prisons and have a get together with them

2. Go to the streets and gather those wretched and give them a birthday party, for all you know they have never celebrated one before

3. Go to the orphanage with clothes to cover them

4. There are some at the hospitals who cannot foot their bills, do them a great favour

5. That child in your neighborhood who isn’t going to school due to fees, assist him

This is love. Love is recognizing those in need and reaching out to help them. There is love when you cannot rest until you have covered the naked. There is love when you cannot sleep until you have sheltered the homeless. This is love when you cannot eat until you have fed the hungry.

If you claim your heart is full of love then on Valentine’s Day you need not break your virginity, you need not buy your husband or wife a car to surprise him/her, a surprise she doesn’t need.

The poor need your surprises. Surprise them with a cake of soap. The very little things you do for the least, remember you do it for the common good. Go out there and have a nice day doing acts of charity.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

From the pen of Emmanuel Graham Nyameke.

Columnist: Emmanuel Graham Nyameke