Vanderpuije will succeed as a Sport Minister but...

Sun, 13 Mar 2016 Source: Akpah, Prince

*Hon Nii Lante Vanderpuije will Succeed as a Sport Minister but will he as

a Youth Minster?*

First of all, I would like to congratulate, Hon Nii Lante Vanderpuije (MP)

on his new appointment as the eighth Minister of Sports and *Youth* under

the recent NDC Administration.

With lot of positive commendations and enthusiasm among various sports

personalities especially journalists, about the assurance of their

confidence in the new minister I am very sure Hon. Nii Lante will excel and

have a great time as a Sports Minister coupled with his endless experience

and network in one of the biggest and mismanaged sectors in the country.

But the silence of numerous Youth Activists and Advocates must also send a

clear signal to the new minister and his government acknowledging the

defunctness of the Youth Sector under the ministry which must be their

wakeup call or end up being adjudged with the laurel for the *lack of youth

focused policies *at the end of their administration.

In the past years that the Youth and Sports Ministry has existed in this

country, I have waited patiently to see how the Youth aspect will be

utilized but surprisingly the government hasn’t proved it to be a priority.

Recently, when I made an effort to book an appointment with one of the

previous Youth and Sports ministers, a Movie Addicted front desk personnel

asked me to come around every day until I meet the minister sitting in his

office which rhetorically means it is never possible to meet him.

From the various media interviews I have monitored Hon Nii Lante, he has

also plainly failed to outline his plans for the Youth sector in his

Ministry as he proudly outlines his focus on how he will be spending all

the ministries budget on various international sporting activities which

will eventually end up not giving the country any economic benefit and will

end up to be termed a complete waste of taxes when used to take care of

well-made sports personalities during tournaments; same money which equally

can be invested in the Large and untapped Youth Sector to yield valuable

and sustainable economic benefits to our nation, Ghana.

I am actually yet to understand the “Youth” factor in the full name of the

ministry as it has only being exhibited with a misplaced priority; relating

sports activities to youths.

Our National Youth Authority, which should be at the helm of affairs

advocating for various support services to brilliant youths embarking on

amazing ventures, is already being led by individuals who are now based in

their various local communities campaigning for political power at the

expense of the Vital Positions they hold to act between Government and its

youth base. I am sure they are still being paid when youths around the

country do not even know their names, roles and importance in national

development just as they themselves are not aware.

*They are simply living their personal dreams at the expense of National


This is a Youth Agency which couldn’t even sustain the National Young

Achievers Awards which was supposed to be the highest honour for young

people in Ghana until the recent intervention of the Most Influential Young

Ghanaian ranking initiative by Avance Media.

Across the Nation, there are various young people who have positioned

themselves in the Private sector with little or no support from government,

the same government who will go all out to praise them when they receive

global recognitions after spending their energies and personal finances

working to benefit this nation’s economic independence when various

realistic assistance can be let out to them.

We have seen various interventions as the Youth Employment Agency and the

Youth Enterprise Support which have even being turned into vote lobbying

initiatives badly managed with corruption and political authority

overshadowing the purpose of the programs.

There are many questions that we young people must pose to change the

status quo if we really want to get the special and rightful representative

we truly deserve in government, as we continue to ask Why Youth Affairs Are

Neglected and Thrown Under A Defunct Ministry.

Recent news from the United Arab Emirates reports a special Youth Ministry

has been carved with a 22 year old Young Lady appointed to be in the Helm

of Affairs, can’t we do same?

For Hon Nii Lante Vanderpuije to succeed as a Minister and earn his praise

it will require an equilibrium success of being a Minister of Youth and

Sports and not just a Minister of Sports but if he needs help, he can take

some lesson from his 22 year old colleague minister in the UAE which I

definitely know will outperform him.

I would also advise you to revamp the National Youth Authority, and make it

an authority that can serve the teaming youths of Ghana better.

Thank You

Prince Akpah


Columnist: Akpah, Prince