Venus to help retire President Mills on December 7, 2012

Tue, 5 Jun 2012 Source: Adofo, Rockson

I am very desirous to ensure the defeat of President Mills and the NDC when Ghanaians go to polls to elect a new ruling party and a President on December 7, 2012. Subsequently, I have initiated the formation of a Movement called Volunteers Ensuring Nana's Ultimate Success (VENUS). The doors of the Movement are widely open to all good-intentioned Ghanaians who share the view of ridding Ghana of the gargantuan corruption and total incompetence in perpetration by President Mills' NDC government.

President Mills gave young Ghanaians hope to enter into active politics. He may have done this with the view of invigorating the sense of patriotism and selflessness in the youth. Nevertheless, the young persons he appointed and offered ministerial and other higher posts have turned out to be total disappointments. As first-time politicians as they are, they have allowed corruption, greediness, pomposity and loose talk to talk the better side of them.

President Mills sits nonchalantly agape twirling his fingers while the boat is sinking. Some of his Ministers and other appointees are stealing and conniving to steal public money yet he shows no sign of relieving these corrupt individuals of their posts. There are so many instances of unprecedented weaknesses in the administration of President Mills. Most of the President's wait and see God will provide attitudes are not helpful in the administration of the nation. He is not a good Statesman if at all he had been a Statesman. He sits by while his baby-face Deputy Ministers and Communication team members usurp his Executive powers. A case in point is that obese Koku Anyidohu, the President's Communication Director sacking the Ashanti Regional Director of the Electricity Corporation of Ghana. He did so as if it was a directive from the President himself.

Any good leader would sack Koku Anyidohu but President Mills as usual exhibits his weakness and dumbness over this incident. He allows Koku to go scot-free. What type of President is this? His government is fraudulently dishing out money to certain persons and companies in what they take for judgment debt settlement.

For all the actions and inactions of President Mills that are militating against the socio-economic success of Ghana, I feel it is about time we pushed him over the political cliff he is hanging on. It is either he jumps or he is pushed. He had better retire or go back to the teaching field where he may excel.

President Mills and the current NDC government and party are not good for Ghana. They should be shown the exit from the political scene of Ghana come December 7, 2012. This is the reason for the formation of my VENUS movement. I have formed this movement without having sought the NPP flag bearer's permission. I am doing it out of my own volition and right as a Ghanaian intended to obtain the best for Ghana. Pardon me if I have broken any ethics by going my own way to assist the NPP and especially, Nana Akuffo-Addo.

The motto of VENUS is "Nana Akuffo-Addo all the way" VENUS T-shirts will soon be out.

I appeal to all Ghanaians worried about the degree of unprecedented gargantuan incompetence, corruption, pomposity, non-performance and sycophantic propaganda by the NDC to join VENUS. We should go out in our numbers to conduct door-to-door campaign in favour of Nana Akuffu-Addo and the NPP. NDC and President Mills have nothing better to offer Ghana but abject misery.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson