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Vickyleaks "The Fiend Angelica"

I have been following closely the media debate on the supposed infamous


I only haggle to catch the drift on the cynical approach towards this

flippant issue driving the media debate.

Why the unnecessary consumption of energy and precious time debating

relentlessly issues bore out of mere gossips and blatant gimmickry of

fraternised woman sitting in the company of her pals doing what most women

do best.

For a couple of weeks now, the various platforms of active discussions have

become infected with a "viral voice" purported to be that the former deputy

minister of communications Miss Victoria Hammer.

Assuming without admitting that the voice on the tape is hers, what is so

incriminating about the content of the tape if we intend doing objective

analysis and legal scrutiny.

The public had failed to employ due diligence in discussing issues relating

to this tape, taking on the personality of the honourable minister instead

of intellectual analysis.

The chastisement and the incessant bastardization of the embattled former

communications minister had only resulted in yielding irreparable damage on

her integrity and politicians at large.

How many of us especially the politicians can stand against their private

conversation being made public? I hope non! then why this holier than thous


As a serious country struggling out of this global economic mess, the least

one would expect is devotion of much time, attention and resources to such

unimportant women's gossips.

But for political expediency you could notice the rekindled strength and

the cunning strategy powered by hypocritical instincts to savage integrity

and reputation just because someone is a victim today with a complete

regards for the fact that anyone could be a victim as long as we continue

to live in this technogically advanced world where ultramodern

telecommunication gadgets capable of tracking and recording secret and

private conversation from distance afar are available.

Logic dictates that such detasteful and unwelcome situation will be dealt

with certain level of circumspection and ingenuity but Ghana politics does

not thrive on these theories.

The media and some political elements hanged around this as an opportunity

to take their pound of flesh.

The vulgarity, the twist and the misinterpretation of the whole tape

confirms aversion enabled towards the personality of Vicky.

or maybe it's one of the numerous games of charade choking our politics?

The assertion " l have not earned $1m and and l'm fighting" have been given

whole lots of vile interpretations to the extent of suggesting the freezing

of her personal financial acounts.

But in the realms of objective analysis, this is a hypothetical statement

without doubts which cannot be taken on a face value. There is no point

justifying the surreptitious impression created within public discourse

that she got into politics to make $1m, what is this public fuss all about?

In another instance, an illusional statement was made suggesting an unknown

role Nana Oye Lithur might have played in NDC's victory of the just ended

landmark election petition.

The minister had denied categorically her involvement in such wry deal

describing it as a palpable falsehood but her plausible deniability

wouldn't change the rhythm of the discussion.

After pulling her sleeves off the tangles of these supretion, the

opposition wouldn't budge, the NPP led by the general secretary issued a

press statement about their intention of petitioning the Chief Justice over

the possible inducement of the Supreme Court verdict.

Recent reports indicates they have indeed petitioned the chief justice to

investigate the verdict.

Isn't it obvious that the NPP is on a tentative mission fishing for

credence to value mere women gossips?

or is it one of their normal political furtive agendas of hitting hard on

the opponents irrespective of how febrile, incongruous and fragmentary the

evidence are?

Interestingly intelligence gathered confirms that the CJ has set up a nine

member committee to investigate the alleged inducement of the judges

empanelled for adjudicating the election petition.

I fault this exercise as a complete misplace of priority and mere academic

gimmicks being exercised concretely just to satisfy the "barking dogs" on

the political streets.

Since when did we start probing secret tapes bothering on the supposed

integrity of judges? Did the chief justice and her firm got hold of the

infamous Awuku's tape which unflinched dishonour on the integrity of the

judges? Maybe no.

Also l think the immediate dismissal of Vicky by the President fueled the

debate that much, In the interest of fairness,l thought she should have

been heard first but In as much as I disagree with her immediate dismissal

, l don't query the decision by the President since the power to make and

unmake appointments at any point in time rest on the his shoulders.

The question of whether she has been ostracised by her own party

apparatchiks does not see the light of logic.

The Media;

I recommend there should be some consistency in our journalism to save its

sinking image, I hate doing retrospective analysis but if my memory serves

me right, when a tape purported to be Sammy Awuku's voice hits the streets,

most of the media houses currently given value to this vickyleak completely

shutdown on those tapes.

Is it about selectivity and preferences?

I'm not in support of those witty-less and detasteful gossips on the tape

but must we delve deep that much against the backdrop of serious economic

challenges facing us. Absolutely no! our quest to revitalise the economy

must have a direct correlation with our actions and commitment.

I'm sure l'm not the only person worried about the marauding incompetence

reeking the media but several other Ghanaians do share and express similar

sentiments in their everyday thoughts. The media is identified as the

fourth arm of government hence have a job to do to get the nation and its

leaders on their toes.

Events and situations get messier when media houses become infected with

greed and and take political sides to satisfy their insatiable financial


It is about time all Ghanaians started behaving like loyal and patriotic

Ghanaians. Dedication and commitment is required of us to rebuild the

dilapidated structure of this country irrespective of our political nuances

and affiliations.

The circle of frustration and heckling that has been chasing us for decades

only comes with damaging effects which dwindle our developmental prospects

and also tickles down to institutional failure.We must positive our

political concessions.

The Pontius Pilates, those singing crucifixional chorus, those buying

nails and providing tombs for Vicky's political death and burial must

watch their back....and save some nails for themselves because the veil is

removed rendering the political corridors black. Someone is about to go

down, The Bible is my witness.

From; Ivan Kyei Innocent / 0206262717 nanakyei81@gmail.com.

Columnist: Innocent, Ivan Kyei