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Vindicated! Vindicated! Vindicated!

Wed, 31 Jul 2013 Source: Rockson Adofo

? Happy I am and vindicated do I feel! Recent developments in Ghana under the administration of President Mahama have proved me right. I have always been lamenting and highlighting in my publications how President Mahama has been supervising the depletion of the national coffers for all bad reasons.

? ? As we speak, some of his government Ministers are wailing. They have not been paid their salaries for the past few months. There are other many public servants who have not been paid for months. Truly, John Mahama has eaten all the meat, sucked the marrow from the bone and hidden the bone from prying eyes. What an insatiable greedy President he is?

? ? He was warned against the senseless 100% and over salary increment for the MPs and the Government Ministers. Many a Ghanaian felt not only the increment was untenable but also, its obligatory four-year retrospective effectiveness was pure madness and a complete raid on the national coffers. He would neither listen nor budge because he stood to profit himself. Additionally, he was in to score a cheap popularity among the Members of Parliament and the Government Ministers all of who concurred gleefully, giving him rounds of applause. ?

? As myopic and devoid of the art of governance as he does, he always seeks to appease the few loudmouths in the Ghanaian society more than he aspires to satisfy the silent majority, hence, all the financial and economic strangulations he has brought to bear upon Ghanaians and Mother Ghana.

? ? He is now lost in the wilderness of political ocean. The compass of his political ship has gone awry. There is no way he can sail the ship through the tormenting politico-economic sea using the broken bone for a compass. Unless he gets some meat back on the bone, the Ministers will cry for many more months to come for not getting their salary.

? ? I do not gloat over the pain of a compatriot let alone, the President of my country. He does not listen when one prevails upon him with useful advice. He sees and hears only those from the NDC who are but mostly crooks seeking to satisfy their selfish interests. He does not want to have anything done with advice coming from those he deems as his enemies, although they are honestly his political rivals. No matter how cogent their contrary suggestions are, he does not want to know because they are his opponents.

? ? "Critics are our friends, they tell us our faults" – Benjamin Franklin. Does President Mahama understand that? No, he doesn’t. He abhors both destructive and constructive criticisms in equal measure. I shall not cease pointing out his faults to him and giving him suggestions. He can take them or reject them, it is his own cup of tea.

? I shall be suggesting to him possible solutions to the quagmire in which he currently finds himself.

1. He has to order his current Attorney General to expedite work on retrieving all the monies Woyome and his likes have stolen from Ghana. 2. He has to put his foot down , investigate and punish anyone from within and outside his government that has unduly availed him or herself of public funds (embezzlement). 3. He has to confess to God and the Ghanaian public that Election 2012 was rigged in his favour. He subsequently must throw in the towel confessing that stealer as he is, he cannot continue to mess up at the presidency any longer. ? ? I shall continue with the possible solutions later. I have them in abundance. ? ? Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Rockson Adofo