What Baafi Okyere tells us about the need for giving in New Juaben South Constituency

New Juaben Philantrophy Michael Baafi Okyere, CEO, Ghana Free Zones Authority

Tue, 7 May 2019 Source: Kingsley Ofosu-Ampong

We all experience philanthropy in Ghana in diverse and mostly unnoticed ways. It might be a six-classroom block, musical instruments to high schools or even a health screening and walk to bring to forth the “sound mind in a sound body” adage; made possible through individuals or group support.

Politically, philanthropy has played a key role in giving back to society and serve as a means to raise funds, not forgetting ex-president Obama’s philanthropic ways of raising campaign funds for his famous victory. Well, others focus solely on giving by dwelling inspiration from Luke 12:48 "To whom much is given, from him much is expected."

However, not all pledges and donations are realised in our Ghanaian society, which I know you can think of one or two. It takes preparation, resources and most importantly your time. This calls for appreciation and recognition to individuals who commit to social welfare in diverse ways with their resources.

Should we castigate someone who is bent on improving New Juaben South Constituency’s welfare all in the name of politics? Have we thought of the benefits the citizen enjoys as part of these philanthropic activities in New Juaben South? And Who in our modern Ghana will prevent the philanthropic initiative from happening? Well, if the welfare of the people is our priority, these issues would not persist in the name of politics alone but on a broad base of socio-economic empowerment.

I have witnessed many philanthropic activities in Koforidua township, but notably of our good friend Michael Baafi Okyere, the CEO of Ghana Free Zones Authority. With his interest in education, he has provided some educational materials and scholarships to secondary and tertiary institutions in Koforidua, coupled with health and economic initiatives, etc in the township.

However, his good deeds are not recognised by all, especially our brothers that feel threatened by his political ambition (MP). A recent health walk by a group that praises Baafi Okyere’s contributions to societal welfare sparked an interest with those that feel threatened by his ambition. From the organisers of the group, this was a healthy walk for the community, and as it fell on the Easter break, it was a good opportunity to socialize and interact on issues bothering New Juaben South.

There are some worrying trends in terms of our societal-giving behaviour based on surveys conducted in our communities – there is a decline. Focusing on these worrying trends is what our efforts should be geared towards not depressing those who have the will power to transform New Juaben South Constituency. This article is to appraise Michael Baafi Okyere (MOB) and other philanthropies bodies not to lose hope in giving to our beloved communities.

The battle is still the Lord’s!!!

Columnist: Kingsley Ofosu-Ampong